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Daniel Dawson
Papaw, the comicbook nerd.
Papaw, the comicbook nerd.

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Dad's out of surgery and seems to be fine. Whew!

Possibly against my better judgement, we're going to give Alcatraz a try tonight. Anyone else?

This insomnia is getting old...

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Thank you to all veterans out there! Your service is appreciated beyond words!

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Thanks for the warm welcome to G+, Guildies... we're 8000+ following us in the first few days. So, a poll - Google Plus style. Plus one the comments to "vote up" your response to the question:

What would you like to see The Guild do on G+?

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Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

I was feeling a little crappy until I started listening to Earth, Wind and Fire , Force MD and Gladys Knight and The Pips. How can you NOT feel better listening to that?!

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I wanted to make everyone aware of something in case you weren't. Men's Fitness published an article by Jordan Burchette cruelly making fun of cosplayers at the recent NYCC. A Boycott Men's Fitness facebook page has been made. Some choice quotes from his article and a previous one he published...

"This year, attendees all appear to have colluded in advance to imagine the most popular heroes and villains of comics, movies and anime as doughy, sickly, weak, infirm or, in the most impressive examples, morbidly obese. What we observed was a testament to the imagination and resourcefulness of the comic book fan, a live "What If?" comic, if you will, contemplating how our heroes would look close to death."

"Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, finally dying from the nuclear reactor in his chest."

And lest you think he's just kidding around, this is from a previous article on a previous visit to NYCC he made while at Maxim magazine...

"For those of you not currently attending high school or working in NASA office services, and lack access to persecutable nerds on a daily basis, the comic book industry stages regional conventions where you can see all the fat versions of your favorite fictional characters."

Bullying is wrong in any form.
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