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Let's Go Pats!!!!
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Wellesley, Wellesley only to be there
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Nike Okediji

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Go Pats!
Daria Musk originally shared:

G+niuses, I have a confession to make. I'm an uber-fan of The NFL / American Football. Most people don't know this about me and would never guess it... But it's so true. I jump on the couch. I yell at the TV. I hoot and holler and cheer...
And do touchdown dances in the living room. :-)

Last night, at in the Zombithon Hangout, my new G+nius friend +George Rodenbaugh was watching the Season Kick-Off game, off screen, and we watched as he went wild when The Packers scored a killer run-back TD... He screamed and scrambled to get the computer turned around to show us the replay...
And I realized NFL + G+ is going to = FUN!

I also know that lots of people, I'm guessing especially lots of G+niuses from outside the US, really aren't into American Football... So that's where our brilliant home here will come in so handy!

I'm starting a NFL G+NIUSES Circle, let's all start one!
And I'd love all the football fans here on G+ to tag yourselves in the comments below and if you like shout-out your fave/home team! Then re-share!!
Then we can all publicly see who wants to be in everyone's NFL Circles and get this party started! Once the circles are built we can plan Tailgate Hangouts, Picks, Predictions, Trash-talk and our NFL-ambivalent friends won't ever hear a peep out of us!

I'm already dreaming up some ideas...
+Alida Brandenburg What about a special "Tailgate For Ten"!? :-)
And hey maybe we can book our own halftime shows!! Possibilities are endless!


Ps. I know I haven't really done anything controversial enough to get dissenting comments before... But I think that ends today... I'm a PATS Fan. Love me my Brady, Welker, Branch, Woody...and now Ocho?! Wha?? Bring it on haters! Let the games begin!

Tagging a few G+niuses who I know are NFL fans: +Sage Musk +Katherine Gramann +Evan Denbaum +Faizan Momin +RAM Rich +Charity Todd +Mohamed Mansour +George Rodenbaugh +Paul Roustan +Peter McDermott +Kyle Paul +Michelle Marie +Charlotte Taft +Reggie Alcos +Dan Sage

UPDATE: Announcement! I will be hosting my 1st Tailgate Hangout Next Sunday for the PATS v. CHARGERS GAME! _Circle up to find out how to how to attend! I'll make a spot for you to set-up and announce your own tailgates for the other games too!
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Nike Okediji

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