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Sam Knechel Jr Woodcreationsbysam
Wood Creations by Sam
Wood Creations by Sam


One of my passions is woodworking, another is building /repairing computers, tablets and cellphones. Then there is my job, driving a Charter bus for Mears Transportation in Orlando Fl. This is a perfect balance of work and play and I really cannot separate them as to what is work and what is play.
I have been creating one of a kind pieces for family, friends and customers here in the Orlando area for many years. Many of these people have been urging me to make these pieces available to more people for quite some time. With my website I wish to do just that. I sincerely hope you will visit and find your visit satisfying. I am very particular as to where the wood comes from. I only use certified reclaimed wood or wood from renewable sources. I have not and will not use suppliers that procure their materials from any other source.
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