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Day of the Girl should be everyday
I use this platform to promote and empower women in areas of fitness and cycling. Today is no different. October 11th is International Day of the Girl. It was started as a way to increase awareness of issues faced by girls around the world. More than 62 mil...

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Guess 3 times the charm
Yesterday I competed in the Michigan Titanium for the third
time. The first time was in 2014, which was the catalyst for starting this
blog. I was training and completed a full distance ironman aquabike. I skipped
a year to just have a summer of fun. In 201...

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A very very special New Bike Day
Yesterday one of my friends texted me with a picture of her
15 year old son riding a two wheeler for the very first time. I got choked me
up. The tears in my eyes were happy tears. It’s not only that her son was
experiencing that special feeling we all get ...

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What would you do for a new bike?
Race season and training is in full swing. We are pushing our bodies to points we didn't think we were capable. But we don't do it for the bling. We do it because of the high from pushing our bodies to limits we didn't think possible. Okay, sometimes it's f...

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Listen to your gut
Going with your gut
is bypassing logic and trusting your instincts, without knowing why.
Logic can assist us in looking forward and planning or in reviewing the
past, but when you need information in an instant your instincts give
you the best guide for...

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Empower the Girl. Ignite the Women.
May is National Bike Month and with that comes numerous cycling related
events including bike to work week/day and bike to school day. Last
night I attended a Ladies Night at my local Trek shop . I always love these
events because it brings women of differe...

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Do epic sh*t
As we age, it’s harder for us to get out of our comfort
zones. Push ourselves to try something new or achieve a goal we thought
unachievable. What’s so great about being out of your comfort zone? It makes
you uncomfortable. But then like magic it makes you ...

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Later this afternoon I'm going to be inspired by some amazing athletes. As you know, I'm an active volunteer and board member of Dare2tri. Today is their annual MultiSport Clinic. Athletes will rotate through sessions of swim/bike/run as well as yoga. As in...

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Become an ambassador for your sport
So many companies are leveraging brand ambassador programs as an
effective yet inexpensive way to spread awareness and adoption of their
products. Many companies are going after women to be part of their ambassador
programs as a way to attract more females ...

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Goals vs Resolutions
I am not the type of person that makes New Year's resolutions. However, I do make goals. What's the difference? Here are the definitions I found:  Resolution - a firm decision to do or not to do something: Goal - the result or achievement toward which effor...
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