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157 people have "added" me on Google+, 15 women and 142 men. I know 10 of the 15 women personally. I know about the same number of the men, the rest are strangers. Is Google+ really such a male-dominated place right now, or is it just me?
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Now that you mention it, 100% of the people I don't know personally who have added me are male. I'm a girl!
+Mark Sullivan Last post prior to this one on June 30... You are lucky any stranger added you to their circle...
I looked you up because of your piece on PCWorld ( since I didn't want to login there to comment... Just an FYI, G+ passed the bar of 43 million users this morning, impressive growth wouldn't you say? As for the new features on Facebook, time (HA!) will tell if they were what their users were looking for... and if it really is that significant a blow.
Philippe: My comment was about the gender balance of G+. What exactly is the point of your (lengthy) comment? Are you saying that because G+ has 43 million users Facebook's new features are not a significant blow against G+?
+Mark Sullivan You call that a lengthy post? Never mind. No the reason for my comment was to point to you that you were off the G+ user count by a wide margin. The point of my post is I'm not convinced the new features on facebook are such a blow to G+ and actually, may be damaging to facebook itself. As for the gender balance... Now that the gates are open, I bet the balance will normalize in no time, as expected.
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