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Any New Info about a Possible 5e Midgard Bestiary?

I know I asked this about a year ago, but there's far too many shares here for me to dig it up - OK, so maybe I'm lazy.  ;-)  I'm under the impression that the holdup is still due to the lack of a 3rd party licensing agreement from Wizards of the Coast for D&D 5e. So I guess what I'm asking is if any of the highly respected writers/creators/sages at Kobold Press have any new info on the status of that?  Or did I possibly just miss some announcement? Yes I know, the latter is shameless wishful thinking.  :)

Distributors for Kobold Press Products?

My FLGS's have told me that they can no longer source Kobold Press products from any of their distributors; were previously able to supply Northlands, MCS, the MCS bestiary and volumes of KQ.  My preference has always been to order RPG books through LGS's,  to make the owner aware of the product and let them profit from a sale. I've been more than willing to do that despite paying a higher cost. That's served me well over the past years with acquiring table space from stores for campaigns.

I'm in a city in western Canada, so I'm wondering if anyone at Kobold can tell me why their products disappeared from distributor inventories, or even better, the name of a distributor that could still supply them? 

Midgard Campaign Setting and the new Fantasy Age Core Rulebook.

The new Fantasy Age CRB has got me excited about running a new MCS campaign with the AGE rules. For those familiar with MCS and Green Ronin's Adventure Game Engine, you're probably aware that there was an AGE appendix in the MCS book. Much of the appendix were backgrounds that would comprise a character race plus their social or geographic background. The AGE rules as presented in the new Fantasy AGE CRB have changed in that race and backgrounds are now 2 separate character features. question is, will Kobold Press consider releasing some brief notes on how to adapt/convert the backgrounds in MCS to the new Fantasy AGE format?  I've posted a similar question on Green Ronin's forum, but thought I'd ask here too. I know I could figure / hack it out myself with time, but any time I'd have for such fun and figuring is locked up in the 2 homebrews I'm currently running . 

Any plans for creating a 5th Edition of the Midgard Bestiary?

Since it's already available for a number of systems (Pathfinder, 4th Ed, AGE, 13th Age) I'm wondering if there's been any consideration by Kobold Press to bring the bestiary to D&D 5th Ed.?

Haven't checked in for a while - sorry for the absence. I love the recent posts, really great stuff and a good kick of inspiration to me to finish off those last True20 projects.  :)

I'm curious what Pathfinder fantasy level people are running their MCS campaigns with? For the adventures I've run using PF, the PC's have used the 20 point builds for high fantasy settings.However, for the campaign I ran using my adaptation to the True20 system, the PCs equated more to PF 15 point (standard fantasy) builds.

 I felt the players were better challenged with the latter for encounters with monsters, but it's hard to compare between 2 different systems. I'm curious what other GM's went with and whether the PC's were challenged enough in encounters. I'm also curious to hear from Wolfgang and the other MCS designers/writers, what fantasy level they had in mind when they created the setting?

I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but Green Ronin's True20 forums have been down for over a month now. When you attempt to access them you receive the message: "Major changes underway. Back soon(ish)!". Normally I might get excited by a teaser like that, but I'm also a fan of their Dragon Age RPG and quite honestly its been a  train wreck in terms of the release of content.

I'm thinking this hangout could become very important for people like myself who are still running True20 campaigns and have the odd question to float.

Does anyone have the URL for the beta site of the Paizo online hosting service? I lost the link in a recent move to a new laptop and I'd really like to login again and check the status of its progress.

Has any progress been made on getting the MCS accepted as an official setting for Pathfinder Society play?  I know I raised this question previously on the old forums, but paizocon has come and gone since then.  I've put a lot of thought into Midgard factions since I last posted, so I'm curious as to the status.
As well, if Paizo is still saying no - what about Open Design/KQ having their own equivalent to PFS, so players could take their PC's to different MCS tables in their local area?
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