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About twelve weeks ago my Personal Assistant (Linzi) came into my office for a stapler. I noticed that her left eye seemed unusually larger than her right. My instinct was that her right eye had something wrong with it. I’ll let her take up the story.” Click the image to read more
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If Dracula were an old woman, he would have sounded a lot like Mrs. Kelremor. But there was no other physical resemblance. Just shy of eighty, this middle-European immigrant lady had been a housekeeper for decade.
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“Clinical evidence confirms vitamin C’s powerful antiviral/antibiotic effect against pneumonia when used in sufficient quantity.

Robert F. Cathcart, MD, successfully treated pneumonia with up to 200,000 milligrams of vitamin C daily. ”
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I’m planning to go to a fund-raising concert in Belfast on Saturday. It’s for PIPS – Public Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide.

Northern Ireland has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe, particularly amongst young men. And we have the highest prescription rate for anti-depressant drugs.
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The Importance of Awe
I was walking my dog yesterday up a little Irish lane with wonderful shades of green all around. When I glanced through an open gate...
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Basic Truths are always in fashion

A couple of years ago we helped our good friend Andrew Saul produce a basic primer for people interested in starting to tackle their health. It was called "Six Proven ways to improve your health" and it's totally free on Youtube. You access all the parts at the links below.
If you are literally just starting to realize that you need to address your health, this is a great place to start.

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -
Part 6 -
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I was brought up in a good home in rural Ireland. We didn’t have much (who did back then) , but we were taught respect and we knew we were loved. My Mum was a very loving lady who died way too young from Parkinson’s Disease (actually I know now she died as much from the drugs she was taking as the disease itself). I’m 53 now and she never reached that age.

It never even occurred to me that people could be crooked. Or spiteful. That was then. Now I find myself somehow involved in the Natural Health world.

A man you may or may not have heard of called Bill Henderson died recently. Mr Henderson was a cancer coach and an author. He did his level best to tell people how to cure and avoid cancer with natural treatments and protocols. And yes, he died after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Sad indeed. Did cancer actually kill him? Some say yes, some say no. But does that really matter? Does anyone with a natural cancer cure claim that they are immune from even the possibility?

But what happened just 11 days later was astounding to me. An online blogger, under the name Orac, wrote a piece called, “Another Quack dies…of cancer”. There’s a link to the piece below if you really want to read it. Turns out this “ORAC” is a pen name for David Gorski, a surgical oncologist. The piece is gloating and distasteful.

Shame on you Mr Gorski. Bill Henderson spent the latter part of his life trying to help people. Attack his ideas all you want. But let his body at least go cold before you attack his memory.

Gorski’s article –
Bill Henderson’s site –
Truth About Cancer tribute –
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I didn’t want to make a film. I wanted to be a concert promoter for a few more years.
I’d promoted events in Ireland and across Europe for 30 years. Maybe I promoted an artist or two that you’d know. But probably not. Wait, I did work with Art Garfunkel a couple of times. Fame at last. And that’s NOT his real hair 🙂

Concert promotion never really made me any money – “It’s a shame you’ve a small market”, road managers would tell me – “because you really do this very well”. That didn’t make me feel any better.

I’d started 30 years ago with a massive loss on one event. I did other events to try to cover those losses. The debt got deeper. It was ten years before I dug myself out. And those days of debt collectors knocking at the door or of sitting staring at a phone that I was scared to answer have never left me.

Maybe it was the financial losses, maybe it was being a workaholic – truth is I’ve no idea – but 12 years ago I found myself with depression. Severe depression at times. Sitting in the corner of the room on Christmas morning weeping like a maniac. Next Christmas – same thing.

On a Bank Holiday Monday about eight years ago I decided to go cold turkey on white sugar. Google told me I should try it. It worked – for a while. In 48 hours I felt seriously better. Eight years later I still don’t eat dessert. Unless it’s gluten free, sugar free, non GMO and organic. I don’t get invited to a lot of dinner parties.

But the depression kept sneaking back. Kicking the sugar had helped, but it wasn’t a total solution. I did two different anti-depression drugs and hated the person I became.
Another one of my big interests at this stage was Internet Marketing. It’s a complicated thing and to this day I can barely explain what I do – so I hate it when people ask me. They usually glaze over and at the end of me explaining have no more idea than when I started.

Anyhow, I get an email from a “guru” called Jeff Walker. He tells me he’s working with some guy from Australia on a movie and that I should watch it. I end up watching Food Matters. Look it up if you’ve never seen it. It’s on Netflix in the States, but not in the UK. Netflix is useless in the UK.

Anyway. I get a picture of a new way to fight disease. No drugs. Just nutrition. Good Food. Vitamins. Really? There’s a slightly eccentric looking guy on there called Andrew Saul. He talks about Niacin curing depression. And cashews. Cashews? SO I go get myself some Niacin. Now bear in mind, I know NOTHING about vitamins. Not even where to buy them. So I get some Niacin from Amazon.

The niacin was a revelation. 3000mg a day (3 x 1000mg – and I took Inositol Hexaniacinate in case you’re wondering – a slightly altered form of Niacin). The depression really lifted. That was about four years ago. Some serious relief at last.

Now, being a concert promoter and being a strong type A personality, I wanted to pursue and broadcast this information that had changed my life. So I thought I’d marry concert promotion and Andrew Saul – let’s do a tour in the UK. I emailed the good doctor when I found out he lived in upstate New York.

I was used to travelling to the States for work so I told him that I was going to be close to where he lived, had a business proposition and would like to call in and chat for half an hour. To my surprise he agreed.

SO I booked the flights and headed off. When I knocked the door it took a little while for him to answer. When he did he was in his sock soles (as we say in Ireland) and he motioned me in to a seat in front of a large fire. We chatted about my depression and he gave me some more advice on adding to the Niacin. But it was soon clear he wasn’t really interested in travelling to do a UK tour. I was gutted. But just as I was leaving he threw me a lifeline. If we could do something online to get the message out, he said, he’s be interested…..

Long story short, I’ve worked with Andrew now for three years, bringing his MegaVitamin Formula Course to over 1000 people. One day he mentioned that he’d always thought about another movie after Food Matters, but one specifically on Vitamin Therapy. I called my old friend Mike Beattie who just happened to be a documentary film maker. I was Executive Producer of That Vitamin Movie!

The State of Your Health Summit and That Vitamin Summit soon followed. And now the 5X Health brand – no, it’s not a brand of vitamins, just an umbrella that covers everything I’ve tried to do in the natural health sphere. My good friend Mr.Beattie has ridden alongside on That Vitamin Movie and summit and will no doubt contribute to 5X Health as well. He’s a rugged, no nonsense Grandad who writes VERY well.

I learned from Andrew that impartiality and integrity are the mainstays of educating people about health. He’s always refused to endorse ANYTHING and at great personal cost. So you can expect honest and impartial advice when you read anything on 5X Health.

And my depression? Sadly, it’s not totally gone away. It still robs me of an occasional day and it can be very deep and very dark when it does. It’s 9.43pm here right now and until an hour ago, today was a major casualty. But I’m useless at taking my vitamins. I’ll take them for a day, forget for two days and so on. It’s pathetic actually. But that’s the truth. And I still can’t eat dessert.

If you’ve been with us since day one in the Megavitamin Course and / or contributed to the funding campaign for That Vitamin Movie – we appreciate you. And I hope we can get healthier together.
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