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Band of Pink for Breast Cancer - Get Pumped n' Pink!
This year Making Strides for Breast Cancer has me pumped! I
am heavily involved in social media promoting the event and charged about how well the registration is going. This event is not till Oct. 10 th but we already have 140 teams registered. All of the ...

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Healthy Kids
One of the reasons I care so much about what is going on
politically in regards to healthcare in this country is the impact it has on
children. Poor in America have enough trouble feeding their children. If they
can’t afford to live they can’t afford health...

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Florida Update Showing it Agrees with Me, Oh Yeah
I am finding living in Florida quite agrees with me. I am
still lost once I leave our community pretty easily and would be SOL without a
GPS and a cell phone. But luckily, with Jim retired, most of the time, we are
together. And yes, we actually find we do ...

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Vote for a Diamond!
What makes a dance studio great? What compels one to vote
and say it is the best in the  city, perhaps one of the best in the
country?  I would easily say the
definition is one where the child that comes through the doors and participates
in the art of the ...

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My granddaughter is teaching about communication with a 9 year old and a cell phone! Whew, crash course!

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Training Grandma on the Cell
  My granddaughter got all she wanted for Christmas this year,
 a cell phone!  She was ecstatic when she saw it, more like
in shock! We were blessed to be there this morning to see her face. And now I am
learning much about what it is like to have a 9 year ...

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Lessons in Holiday Shoppers
Working retail during the holiday season has reminded me of
the worst and the best of the holiday shoppers, that being all of you!  Oh, I have seen it all, from the best of the
best to the extreme worst.  There was the woman that threw a fit because a door

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Push Your Body Good
I have found Florida has taught me I am lazy! I need to get
outside more in the wintertime. This was my time of the year to use the weather
as an excuse to sit on my rear and do as little as possible. The excuse is gone
as the forecast most days is sunny, n...

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