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I use custom icons, and I have one icon that won't stick after a restart. I keep changing it to a new icon, but it always reverts to an old one (I don't even have that icon pack installed anymore). Any fix? I'm at a loss.

Would there be a way to quickly access the Google Assistant within Allo? For instance, a widget that goes directly to the Assistant conversation, acting as makeshift quick access to Google Assistant on non-Pixel phones?

What are the chances of rebooting this group? Anyone still around and still playing?

Is there currently a setting to automatically change the media volume when Drivemode starts or ends?

Great app! My new favorite. Not sure it's possible, but I'd love to see an option for icons colors that match the weather — yellow sun, blue rain, gray clouds etc — rather than just one color for the weather icon.

Keep up the great work!

Did you do away with the old style notifications? I can't find it in settings anymore.

Is there a trick for getting Pandora to work? I tap the app icon and it opens, but it won't play within Automate and I can't use any controls or are data. Google Play Music works for the most part though. Any help is appreciated.

Having an issue where music player show on lock screen when I have games or other non-music media open. Mildly annoying, but is there a way to fix? Much appreciated.

Having an issue now where the app opens on my Pebble randomly. Not sure how often, I just notice that its active at times when I haven't opened it. Not sure if its me or a known issue?

Is there a way to disable the sleep tracker? I'm trying to turn it off from within the settings but I get no response. I cannot change the sleep time either. Any help is appreciated.
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