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Adam Miller

When developing a chrome sender application, is there a way to detect when the user cancels out of selecting a cast device? We currently change our UI when the use clicks the cast button, but I can't find an event to use when the user cancels the dialog.

Is there a recommended way to only include the cast api sender javascript file on the chrome browser? It seems to crash and throw an error on MS edge.

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With Chrome 52 when cast became an integrated plugin, there is now a requirement that the cast initiates from a click event. This is difficult for us as we have typically sent the user to a dedicated page which starts the cast and/or made an AJAX call to get some additional data to send to our receiver application. Are there any workarounds for this, or any chance it will change in the future?

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Is it possible to detect an optional method binding in an angular 1.5 component? See the plunker below for an example. I'd like the button to hide if the method is not passed in.

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Doing nothing is the wrong answer
The following is not something I copied.   These are my opinions written at 4am because
the safety of my children is something that keeps me up at night. Our nation has a few large problems, mental health, school
security, and gun violence.   The
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jQuery event namespacing
jsfiddle var obj = $({});
function log(evt, obj, src){
$('#log').append(obj +':' + evt.type + '.' + evt.namespace + ' ' + src + '\n');

obj.on('', function(evt, obj){
log(evt, obj, 'save base');

obj.on('billing.cancel', function(e...
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Is there a code sample for updateLicenseRequestInfo?  I'm attempting to use it to avoid making a second license request when changing audio tracks, but it's not quite working.

//don't try to get a new license, just keep the one we've got
var license = mediaHost.processLicense;

mediaHost.updateLicenseRequestInfo = function(requestInfo) {
    requestInfo.skipRequest = true;

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Grunt-JSDoc prevent output of source code
By default JSDoc will include your source code in the resulting documentation.  To prevent this from happening when using grunt-jsdoc you'll have to create an external configuration file: gruntfile: build: {
options: {
destination: '<%= path %>/...
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Browserify and Grunt using jQuery from a CDN
Below is a sample configuration in which jQuery, backbone, and underscore are all referenced externally so that they are not included in the browserify bundle. Notice also that there is a transform for underscore templates in the grunt config. The resulti...
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When using google chrome as the sender, if the user uses the plugin to mute or unmute media, an event is not triggered for the current media session update listener (pressing play or pause from the plugin will trigger the event).  Also the volume.muted property is always false, even when the audio is in fact muted.  The volume.level property is always 1 even if the volume is set to 50%.
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