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Hey, +RedHat , whose idea was it that the tool that you use to control Network Manager is 'nmcli', the tool you use to control systemd is 'systemctl', and the tool you use to control the firewall is 'firewall-cmd'? Three different three-letter suffixes (all starting with a C, just for maximum can't-remember-which value) that all mean the same thing-- and to make it worse, one uses a hyphen, the other two don't. 

I can't tell you how many times I typed 'firewall-ctl' yesterday. I shouldn't feel a need to put in aliases for this sort of thing....
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Just a few miles down the road...
The plan was to go home today, but the weather put the kibosh on that. So, since finding silver linings has been something I've had a lot of practice with lately, I thought, "Hey, that'll give me a chance to try that barbecue shack I drove past the other da...
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I don't get it.

- is a Google product.
- I have a Google account.
- I'm using Google Chrome.

No piece of this puzzle doesn't belong to Google, and yet, I can't comment on my wife's blog...
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Today was the Baltimore Running Club's big event, and I signed up for the half marathon, along with 11,000 of my closest friends. No, of course I didn't sign up for a locally run 5K or something small and simple first before doing something ridiculous-- that'd be the smart way to do it.

I used Runner's World's training program for a half marathon-- and it worked. It worked quite well-- in fact, the half marathon was easier than a number of my training runs even with the extra hills. As an example, last Saturday I ran ten miles, and I was absolutely wiped at the end of it-- but I'd also run six miles the day before that, and twelve more miles in the week preceding. This week, I "tapered" down (which meant 3 miles on Monday and 2.75 miles on Wednesday), and my knees were ready for it.

Basically, the actual running of the half marathon didn't suck nearly as much as the training for the half marathon.

Now, preparing for the half marathon, that I really liked. Last night, Amy and I hit Five Guys, and instead of splitting a small order of fries like we usually do, we split a large. Amy didn't eat any more than she usually did, so I had lots and lots of carbohydratey goodness. Then I went to a party at DeLee's place, and DeLee doesn't know how to dial that back at all; she basically cooked enough for all 11,000 of us in the half marathon even though only a few dozen people were showing up. I highly recommend it if you're ever nuts enough to try an endurance race. For the first time in I couldn't tell you how long, I was pleasantly full last night.

I ran the entire distance-- or, well, sort of. I actually got started running a bit before the start line; the expected pace I told them put me in the fifth wave of runners (out of five) and knowing I was slow, I edged toward the back of that. When they told us we could start running, I started iSmoothRun. And I'd been out there ten minutes and four tenths of a mile before we got to the starting line-- but I'd actually managed to start running a few minutes before that. I made up for that by not running at water stops-- I'd forgotten that I'd been told not to, to go ahead and slow down to a walk. That advice came back to me as I poured the first little cup of gatorade everywhere but my mouth: I've never tried to drink from a cup while running before, and as such, it is a skill I do not have. I walked while I drank the rest of them, so there's a tenth of a mile or so of walking. And I apparently overdid pre-hydration, so I had to stop and wait in line for a porta-potty around mile 7.5...

The marathoners passing me as we merged around the 3 mile mark didn't bother me as much as I expected. I'd found I was actually passing people on hills-- many people would walk them, and I just kept on grinding. And come mile 10, I was passing lots of people who'd simply run out of gas and had to start walking. I still wasn't moving all that fast, but it beat a walk.

Once I saw the sign that said "Mile 25" a short ways into the distance, I figured I actually still had something left, and I had about a mile and a quarter left to go-- so I picked up the pace a bit. And I even passed some people who were still running (or running once again, now that it was all downhill to the finish...) I felt pretty good in terms of muscles, breathing, and pulse, and figured my knees where gonna hate it either way, so I might as well make it a little less time. :)

Even with the stop, I finished in 2:51:08, or a about a 13 minute per mile pace.

Afterward, they were handing out little Dixie cups of crab soup in the courtyard along with fresh fruit, recovery drinks, and of course, water and gatorade. So I had me some crab soup. Yum.

Anyhow, now I can say I've done it, so it's back to dieting and shorter runs during the week. No more alarm clocks set for 0400. Yay!
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What a difference a year and a half makes.

It's about 10:30 in the morning as I type this. So far, I've:

- fed the dog
- ordered my new phone [0]
- gotten tickets to go see Frenamie play tomorrow [1]
- run 6 miles
- made eggs and biscuits [2] and gravy [3] for breakfast
- enjoyed a nice leisurely breakfast with said eggs and biscuits and gravy with a mug of french roast on the porch
- showered and gotten dressed.

...and I even slept in two hours later than usual for a non-weekend [4].

A year and a half ago, on the first day of a weekend, at 10:30, I would have:

- Just rolled out of bed.

Most of this is a difference in my job schedule-- at AT&T, I was supporting people on the left coast, and I was often starting scheduled maintenance at strange hours of the night, so my job schedule tended towards late. At CSC, my office is in a secure facility, so I couldn't take work home if I wanted to, and our contract isn't funded for 24/7 support, so we're required to do maintenance in the daytime-- and it's an early office. I'm still usually the last person from my team out the door most days.

I've not turned into a morning person, but I do like avoiding the worst of the traffic on my commute.

[0] Decided on the iPhone over an Android this time around. Usually I'm not the early adopter, but I'm thinking if I get the new one this coming week, I'll have the nicer 8MP [5] camera on my phone before I head to the Land of the Magic Rat to see family later this month.
[1] No, I haven't gotten hip or trendy or anything. I know half the band (daughters of a friend of Amy's) and I like their music)
[2] Refrigerated dough from a can.
[3] But this was from sausage, flour, and milk. Not scratch-- I never use scratch; don't keep the stuff on hand.
[4] It's sort of a weekend day for me. My schedule has me working 9 hour days and I get alternate Fridays off.
[5] Which, I should note, is a bigger image than my SLR.
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