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Are our institutions and governance structures ready for the close of the Holocene?!
I thought I would share  this article  with you, from the LSE blog. I must admit that I find it both ironic and deeply frustrating that we are about to destabilise, through our own acts and omissions (should that be emissions?!!), one of the most stable cli...

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Energy from Waste slide presentation
I have put together a short presentation on Energy from Waste (EfW), which tries to predict what some of the impacts from the Circular Economy Package (CEP) might be. The slides were intended to be narrated, however I don't think the technology has been sup...

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A trilogy of economic tales!
Friends, There has been a rich vein of material published recently, all of which is worth sharing, I hope that you find this informative. I have three articles to share that feel as if they cascade down in scale, so that is how I have introduced them. First...

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2015 preview.
Hello, A very warm welcome and best wishes for the New Year! In time honoured fashion, I would like to take an early opportunity to look forward into next year.   To avoid this becoming a rambling diatribe, I intend to cover a few topic headings of interest...

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Video blog - Welcome back!
Hi everyone! I must apologise that I have not posted much recently, it has not been for lack of enthusiasm of topics, so much has happened! It has been a busy period however, I have found it difficult to find time to write much! Hence my new approach, to ve...

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Is hope preventing us from glimpsing a brave new World?
I have been looking at relationships, not the personal kind, but those that can be found between social, economic and environmental theories. This is the stuff of which sustainability is made, in much the same way as sub atomic particles are the building bl...

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2014 Are we out of the woods yet?
Over recent months we have heard a lot about our economic recovery and everyone seems to be talking up the rude health of our growth rate and future prospects. Now, I'm not someone who just likes to pour cold water on a god story, but I have to admit that I...

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Preview 2014 - Land use and food production
It is good to make some predictions for the year ahead, and then to track
them and see how you do! Some of course are frivolous (as they should be)! Others are more serious however, and whilst I may not wish them to come
true, they are nonetheless well e...
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