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Michele Pacey
Pretty crafts from simple tools and materials.
Pretty crafts from simple tools and materials.

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Goodbye Blogger, Hello Wordpress!
I'm taking that leap. I am leaping off of Blogger and onto Wordpress. And I'm almost there. It's only a matter of hours! The whole process has all gone rather smoothly too. Want to know why? Because I took the inter...

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Tutorial: Fern 'n Bird Stenciled Denim Chair

#denim, #reuse, #recycled, #jeans , #stencil  , #DIY  

Originally introduced waaaaay back in 2011, today I'm releasing this pretty Fern 'n Bird Stenciled Denim Chair project as a free tutorial on the blog, yay! In this tutorial, denim from an old pair of jeans is used to re-cover a chair cushion. The denim is s...

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Colouring Page Painting: Cactus Wren on a Saguaro Cactus

#coloringpages, #painting , #birds , #artwork  

Found out yesterday that Arizona's state bird is the cactus wren . Huh. News to me since I didn't even know states had birds. I mean, I knew they had   birds,  but I didn't know that they had bona fide ,  official, you-are-our-mascot types of birds. In Ariz...

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Kid Craft: Egg Carton Window GardenTutorial

#eggcartoncrafts, #tutorial, #kidcrafts, #Easter

Smiles and salutations! As you know from the last post and many many before that too , I have always had an insatiable appetite for egg carton crafts. The year 2015 was no different because around this time last spring, I had the pleasure of working with Bu...

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Egg Carton Super Chick PDF Tutorial To The Rescue

#eggcartoncrafts, #tutorial , #Easter

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Five Little Things #6

#artquilt, #improvquilt , #quilting  

Five Little Things is an occasional series that I do here on the blog. It's a list of five things that may or may not share some vague aspect in common. Five little things that I have learned: Thing 1:    A kind of important thing that is complete news to m...

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A Quilted Double-Sided Butterfly Cushion
The other day I was scouring the ether for simple, sweet and modern quilt block ideas to spruce up a cushion, when I came upon the cutest  butterfly charm block paper-piecing pattern by Lillyella . While not quite what I'd originally had in mind, I just cou...

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Happy Chandelier Makeover
I never liked it anyway. For years, I never liked it. And for years I thought to myself: "If I spray-painted the darn thing, what could it hurt?" So, guess what? I finally did it and I'm glad I finally did it. It's much prettier in blue with a touch of gold...

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The Headless Paperboy by The Boy
The Headless Paperboy is a recycled superhero created inside The Boy's head and brought to life with a little help from me and Lo. Made almost exclusively of paper recyclables like newspaper, paper rolls, an egg carton, a cardboard box, a couple of ice crea...

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Hurray for Hearts!
Over the past few years, I have concocted quite an assortment of heart-themed things, it's true. So I thought it might be fun to hop into our virtual time-machine and see what sorts of Valentiny treasures we could dig up on the old blog, eh? Here are some o...
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