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Everything is deeply intertwingled. - Ted Nelson
Everything is deeply intertwingled. - Ted Nelson

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‪"... you eventually pay for all that code that lifted your initial productivity. So “free code” tends to be “free as in puppy” rather than “free as in beer” — Terry Crowley‬

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A two hour raw Ted Nelson interview tape from WGBH vaults, 1990. +++ A few highlights:

The lure of computers:
51:09 "A mirror over a pool of quicksand"

About Xanadu:
59:50 "Quickly" "It's a little difficult to talk about Xanadu quickly (smile)"

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impi! founder and director Pierre Bienvenue introduces the new impi! Standard Meetings plug-in for TeamPage. This plug-in is included as part of the Impi Business Management System (BMS) offered in partnership with Traction Software Inc. See

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impi! founder and director Pierre Bienvenue interviews CounterPoint Trading's Operations Manager Clint Seegers and his team on using the new Standard Meeting plug-in as part of their TeamPage based impi! business improvement process. See

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2016 Paris C. Kanellakis Memorial Lecture: "Hamiltonian Paths in Antiquity" by Donald Knuth, Professor Emeritus Stanford University. 1 Dec 2016, Brown University Department of Computer Science.

About 1850, William Rowan Hamilton invented the Icosian Game, which involved finding a path that encounters all points of a network without retracing its steps. Variants of his game have turned out to be important in many modern computer applications. The speaker will give evidence that people have been interested in such questions since at least Graeco-Roman times. Furthermore, ingenious Sanskrit and Arabic documents from the ninth century, and continuing through medieval times, also reveal that this is perhaps the oldest nontrivial combinatorial problem in the history of civilization.

A reception will follow, including an "All Questions Answered with Professor Knuth" panel discussion.

This event is hosted by Sorin Istrail and Eli Upfal.


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"To be perfectly clear, 'analytics' doesn’t mean 'numbers.' It means cutting through the bullshit." – Rany Jazayerli +++
via +carmen medina

⚡️Bots and People need context to get work done. From ad-hoc interaction, to embedded processes, expert processes, and work on wicked (complex and novel) problems.

"Imagine an 80s cyberpunk novel where the hackers are on a thing called Twitter talking about how a bunch of hair dryers took down cyberspace (@somebadideas)"

⚡️ “TUG 2010 Observable Workshop” Keynotes on Observable Work by Jim McGee and Jon Udell, followed by workshop. Traction Software User Group, Newport RI, 12-15 Oct 2010. Videos and slides: #owork

⚡️Apple and Google aim to make bots useful and AI assistants valuable by teaching them how to identify objects you're talking about, and understand what you want done, in context. This requires a shift from the traditional definition of a platform.
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