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Raven Black
I like games.
I like games.


After a slow start due to not playing promptly at midnight EST, I'm finally on the leaderboard. So I'm linking it to G+ where I mostly don't post anything, in case anyone wants to say something adventofcode related to me.
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Finally got annoyed enough with Facebook showing "Bob liked this post from someone you don't know" and "Jim commented on this thing" in the news feed to go looking for a "just show me things my friends actually intentionally shared" setting. There isn't one. There's apparently a browser extension that can fake it.

So I thought maybe it's time to just kick Facebook and try Google Plus. Even though nobody is on here and there's no games. So I opened up G+ and scrolled down, and lo and behold, five or six posts down my main feed there's "Tim +1'd this thing you don't care about", and I can't find a "don't show me things that people +1'd you bastard thing" setting. Awesome.
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