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Finding an investment adviser you can trust.
When you look for an investment adviser, what you’re looking for is too often not what the industry gives you: a salesman, trying to push his company’s investment products like annuities, insurance and mutual funds.

What you want is someone who’ll help you with YOUR investment needs as well as other aspect of your financial life, be it retirement planning, taxes or estate planning.  Best advice: Look for an independent professional, with appropriate designations (such as RIA, CFP or CPA). Interview at least a couple of them (most reasonable advisers would not charge for an initial, exploratory consultation). What you are looking for is someone with relevant experience, good interpersonal and listening skills, and ideally – physical proximity. Nothing beats being able to meet a person face-to-face and shake their hand.  

A potential candidate should fully disclose how he’ll be paid if you chose to hire him and how much. Any ambiguity is an indication of potential problems down the road. Concerned about Madoff-type a scenario?  One tip is to make sure the adviser managing your money is not the same person holding it and sending you account statements

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