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Real good information

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#sinlelegbalance and #singellegbalancematters I have come to the conclusion that something is better than nothing so for those athletes that cannot train to play sports, at least commit to single leg balance as part of training to play sports.
Volunteer coaches can easily integrate single leg balance into their practice sessions or athletes can perform at home most economically.
1/2 round styrofoam (about $6.00) or a sturdy pillow - couch type - offer the opportunity to advance from blaanced to unbalanced surface.
More details to come soon at

#singlelegbalance is the key for every safe and age-appropriate training program; this is why #singlelegbalancematters

If you follow Vern Gambetta - leading trainer - you will see my comments on a fairly regular basis.
Some may think I know Vern well and I am +1 him or my comments agree with him to help him.
Vern does not need anyone's help. He and I share very similar viewpoints based on our individual experience and expertise helping athletes over many decades.
Strategic thinking skills separate everyone. If you have it - GREAT!! If not, please fully develop this skill as one size does not fit all in training. NEVER EVER!!
Observe - as Yogi Berra said - You learn a lot from observing.
Less is More - know when to use this for the athlete's advantage.
Sports Performance Plan (Periodization) - use this approach to provide the safest and age-approrpitate training program for everyone.
Never stop learning. Read and know how to differentiate the hype from the good stuff that minimizes everyone's risk for injury while helping each athlete and client become the best each can become.

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Good info
5 Surefire Ways To Break Bad Habits (infographic) 

#leadership   #success   #behavior  

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Very good info
"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation." 
Robert Schuller 

Remember that this weekend when the stars begin to shine. It didn't just happen. It was quietly earned.

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REAL, not just maybe anymore; need shprt and long term solutions now
California's drought continues to worsen. Now, more than 58% of the state is experiencing "exceptional" drought conditions, the harshest ranking available on a five-step scale. 
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