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As any homeowner knows, a garage can become crowded quite quickly. It’s often used to house a wide range of equipment, including your car, your tools, any projects in process and anything you’d like to store for later. Even large garages can fill up quickly, with everything they’re supposed to hold. Luckily there’s a way to utilize garage storage that still leaves room for other things.

Benefits of Overhead Garage Storage

When you install overhead garage storage, you can reclaim your garage for other purposes. There are many benefits to overhead storage, including savings, security and space.

Added Floor Space
Storing things overhead can allow you to utilize your floor space for better purposes. If you’ve been parking your car outside in the elements, overhead storage can let you bring your car back into the safety and security of your garage. You’ll also have more room for projects and for easily walking from one end to the other.

Added Storage Space
When you store things overhead, you also open up more space for added storage, as you can use the floor space to hold other things you don’t use often. This increased space means you can also keep the inside of your home less cluttered.

Protection from Water Damage
Sometimes garages flood, and even just a little bit of water can damage certain items. Overhead storage lifts your precious items up out of harm’s way.

Easy Access
Easy overhead storage systems like Versa-Lift let you get to your items easily. You can store up to 250 pounds in either a 4 x 4 or 4 x 8 foot model and can lower and lift your items with a sturdy crank or cable.

Saves on a Storage Unit
Instead of spending money every month to store your things away from home, overhead storage lets you keep your money in your pocket.

Instead of piling up boxes on top of one another and having to sift through each one to find what you’re looking for, consider investing in garage storage that really works. A licensed contractor can easily install your overhead storage unit so you can hang things with confidence. For help installing overhead garage storage, call us at Garage Innovations 918-872-7990
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