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New York friends, I'm going to be in town from June 17 through 21. If you'd like to meet up, drop me a line.

It's always fun to wrestle with type families in GHC, even though I have yet to escape the mental straitjacket of "although I think I understand the sentences I just read, I can't turn this into insight into my own code".

Current status: hating Subversion with the blinding heat of a thousand fiery suns.

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Ah, the joys of trying to find a bug in an LCA algorithm.

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(Re)announcing statprof, a statistical/sampling profiler for Python:

Sampling profilers are extremely useful: in contrast, Python's default profiler only counts function calls, which leaves you almost blind if you have a hot loop inside a function.

This profiler was originally written years ago by Andy Wingo. I fixed bugs, added a few features, spiffed up the docs a bit, and now you're free to hack!

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Nice interview with my boss at Facebook about how we release software. Oh, and we're hiring :-)

If you want a good example of bad Python, read the pstats module in the standard distribution. Actually, read the logging module first. While you digest them, let's play a game: why are so many of the standard Python libraries crap?

Does there exist a sane profiler for Python?

The lsprof-based profiler in modern Python only counts function calls, which means a hot spot inside a function is typically invisible. This makes lsprof and cProfile almost useless in many common cases.

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This was the best sticker I saw at SXSW, sported by the inimitable +Jason Scott

Just wrote a patch for Mercurial's git importer that uses libgit2/pygit2, if available, to improve performance. The current importer shells out to git a ton, which is of course not very fast.

The result is quite nice so far: import time is improved by about 5x on a small repo (libgit2). Edit: and >8x faster on a larger repo - converting git itself takes 4 hours (!) with stock hg, 28 minutes with my patch. Sweet!
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