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Author of Four Inner Wheels
Author of Four Inner Wheels

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I can see this being abused in the future: cuddly, stuffed Disney dolls sending subliminal messages to your kids, when hugged. Ah, the possibilities...

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Just my face.
It's one more step towards proving I'm not a robot. Yay.

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So...I cannot "web code" - I copy and paste code from w3schools, instead. 

But, but I wanted to make the essence of my blog,, more user-friendly, so that visitors wouldn't need to comb through pages of text trying to understand what I wanted to say.

So, I tried to re-learned html instead, and pulled this page together:

A better explanation:
The letters of Hebrew alphabet have a linguistic "literal meaning" from distant past. The esoteric meanings of "those" meanings however, have been the enchilada of kabbalists and mystics for thousands of years. Laity and teachers alike have used these letters to understand the stories of the past, the oracles of the future, and the windows of the soul.

I, too, began taking stabs at this. I came from a slightly artistic standpoint, so, I asked, "If these letters were really 'inspired' ... can I fit them all into the additive color model?"

By first arranging the names of the sons of Israel in a circle - which happened to be 12 - I began placing the 22 letters in the middle of the circle.  Placing the first letter, Aleph, which means "ox", at the center, I began adding more letters to each ring, one at a time, by first fulfilling the first ring Red, Green and Blue (the primaries). Then I added the next ring, with the primary and the secondary colors. Then finally, I added the last ring, with the primary, the secondary and tertiary hues.  

All 22 letters fit in the rings of color, with none left over. Delighted, I began the task of deciphering them. After painstaking effort, mistakes, and dozens of now obsolete documents in Word 2010, and abandoned free websites, I came up with this single webpage - to explain what each of these letters mean, as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, or have suggestions to make, feel free to leave me a comment, or email me at


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Added a new page to the Lights of Perfection blog:

-Hopefully with better instructions than "InnerWheels: a few things you should know".  But I'm keeping both anyway.

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Or, follow my twitter handle @LightsofPerfect

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I'm renaming my website
"Four Inner Wheels" just sounded like a motor fan club! 
Come Visit!

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