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Good News Everybody! (on Racial Equality in Health Care)
During the last several weeks, it’s been rather depressing
recognizing (yet again) that racism (still) is widespread in the United States.
We’ve had yet another set of killings highlighting the differences
between how police treat whites and people of color...

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ACA exchange plans cost near-poor more than Medicaid.
The Commonwealth Fund just released an interesting brief regarding the effects of failing to expand Medicaid on the health care costs of
people between 100 and 138 percent of the poverty line. Yes, that sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry,
loyal ...

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Transitional plans and insurance exchanges II
One day after my last post, the New York Times ran an article on Geisinger Health, an insurance company requesting a large rate increase on the PA exchange . One reason why? Because the transitional plans are keeping considerable numbers of healthy people o...

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Are transitional insurance plans driving losses on state exchanges?
The ACA's insurance exchanges have generally been successful in helping to reduce the ranks of uninsured  in the United States, while providing reasonable quality insurance to its policyholders. However, several challenges still remain. Most notably, a good...

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Two-tiered justice
On the recent Stanford rape case, I think Scott Lemieux makes a valuable point that helps clarify something I've been struggling with: does asking for a stronger sentence for a privileged person who has gotten off lightly undermine the broader push to make ...

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GOP's near-total blockade on Obama's appointments continues -- but you can help a bit
While we were all focused on the primary elections on Tuesday, something interesting happened on the Senate floor when Democrats made a conscious, polite and ultimately futile effort to get a few judges confirmed. Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) aske...

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Boring Bureaucrats help save the world: energy edition
When it comes to stopping global climate change, you probably don't think much about vending machines. Fortunately for all us, a lot of non-descript civil servants do. Don't worry, the government is on it. (Really.) Nor have you probably ever heard of the D...

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If Dems get a chance to confirm Garland in the lame duck session, they should take it
At last Thursday's Democratic debate, moderators asked Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders a question from NY Daily News reader Hannah Green regarding Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court vacancy left ...

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Cost sharing blocks access to health care
The notion that health cost containment requires people to put “skin in the game” has a long pedigree. Requiring people to pay something through premiums or co-pays for health care, the theory goes makes them more discerning consumers about health services ...

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Don't forget about Obama's other stalled federal court nominees
Much of the coverage of the federal courts over the last several weeks has rightly focused President Obama's nomination of D.C. Circuit Judge Merrick Garland to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, and the complete refusal of Republican Senators to even pretend ...
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