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Tracy Wood
Emerging Technology Freak: Augmented Reality | Social Media Tech | Image Recognition | Big Data
Emerging Technology Freak: Augmented Reality | Social Media Tech | Image Recognition | Big Data

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Streetsmart Social TFIF laugh

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I'd like to see a technology analyst weigh in on the subject too Is 'objective' analysis of the sector and Facebook's infrastructure (MySQL) included in the prospectus before filing?

This is also very true: Facebook left nothing for the common investor. The insider pig pile of PE firms and celebrity Silicon Valley angels took it all. This is a rather new, post-Sarbanes-Oxley fact and it should make Americans very, very angry.

The last few points are ridiculous and a simple filler to hit the golden 7.

Forbes - #GotZucked

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Yeah, baby!

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My thoughts on how to Keep it Real on Twitter. Would love to hear your thoughts. This is the 1st in a series by +Lisa Buyer for +Search Engine Watch !

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Absolutely thrilled to speak at International Search Summit MUNICH!!!

More than interested in what Google will be discussing too!

Who's going to be there is in Munich at the end of March?

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Our revolution: DIGITAL 2012. Just watch out the window isn't watching you!
Sneak peek: My favorite thing at CES this year, by far...

The Samsung Smart Window. This is the Minority Report screen, peeps. YES.

(I'll take two)

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Augmented reality goes BOOM with transparent, flexible OLED Displays! Witness the birth of the next huge thing. Augmented reality pioneer Howard Ogden comments "transparent displays will be a visor for augmented reality."

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Argos is a major retailer in the UK with NO product display , simply a retail ordering facility. They warehouse their goods and after you've ordered/selected/paid, your goods are picked from the adjacent warehouse and off you go.

But imagine if Amazon avoided a huge retail space altogether by demoing their entire product range via existing content using the medium of Augmented Reality. Tesco, the UK's largest grocery and goods chain, has been wildly successful with providing full, billboard style walls in the Underground, at busstops, etc where people are waiting and you can point your phone at the goods, pay, and have them delivered to your home! AR will truly take these models to another level!

More importantly - it will cut the costs to make these endeavours possible!
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