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Find Reliable Floor Scales Online at
Find Reliable Floor Scales Online at


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Livestock scales are a must-have for many applications involving the weighing of cattle or livestock, as well as veterinary clinics and more. There are features exclusive to these types of scales that make them the ideal choice, which include:

Accommodations for animal movement: A livestock scale that has an average weight hold feature will give the most accurate measurements by compensating for the uneven weight distribution inherent in these applications. The design and engineering of the scale ensures that you can weigh livestock more effectively.

Weight capacity: Depending on your specific use, you may need a scale that can handle cattle or one to weigh smaller animals. Be sure to check the weight capacity to be sure you’re matching up with the right product.

Heavy duty construction: Livestock scales must be ready to take the abuse that may be incurred in these applications. They must also be watertight to handle all kinds of environmental factors that can often come into play. The components should have a galvanized finish to reduce rusting and an aluminum alleyway will help extend the life of your scale.

Accessories: Most of the livestock scales we offer come with everything you need to set it up and use it as soon as possible. You may also want to consider purchasing a printer and an indicator stand to make weighing applications even easier and more streamlined. You can also find ramps and other add-ons that also help with your specific needs.

Features are of paramount importance, but price is always a factor for large purchases. Business owners must know that they are getting a good deal on a quality item that will meet their needs, and hopefully save money or help them do more in the long run. We understand that a livestock scale is an investment. We encourage every potential customer to review the options we have here and contact us with any questions or concerns. We are committed to helping you get precisely the right weighing tool that helps your business.
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The TSM5-44-B package floor scale comes with a standard 5,000 lb. capacity 4 x 4 base, TS-700MS digital indicator, and all the required cables and cords to handle your industrial weighing needs. This floor scale features Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Quick Easy Setup, NTEP legal for trade, and is outdoor rated and factory calibrated for optimal performance.

The TS-700MS is an economical digital indicator with advanced features including Mild Steel NEMA 4x enclosure, Checkweighing, Totalizing, Hold Weight, Super-bright LED readout, Rechargeable Battery option, Quick Connect socket, RS-232 port, and NTEP approved, Legal For Trade.

This floor scale and many more can be found at
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In the market for platform scales or axle scales? Look no further than Floor Scales Direct for hassle free shipping, and quick and easy online ordering of indoor and outdoor rated scales. All scales in stock are shipped within 48 hours of order confirmation via Motor Freight or UPS and given a tracking code for your use.
Find even more value when shopping for a large platform scale and dealing with large shipping costs with the Floor Scales Direct staff, available directly at (800) 238-0152 or at As the manufacturer of our platform floor scales and axle scales, we’re able to provide free shipping on all axle scales and platform floor scales shipped within the USA.
Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority for Floor Scales Direct. We are happy to assist you in any way we can. If you are unsure of the type of scale you need, or wish to speak to a customer service representative, feel free to contact us!
Floor Scales Direct, a full service company based out of Mississippi, is proud to offer a wide variety of scales, lifts, indicator stands, ramps, remote displays and printers. Although we have several different capacities and sizes of floor scales available, from large platform scales to portable scales, we also offer custom sized scaling options to better accommodate our customers. Floor Scales Direct offers a variety of industrial and commercial scales, which includes floor scales, axle scales and platform scales. #scales #truckscales #industrialscales #commercialscales #FloorScales #FloorScalesDirect
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Post has attachment is your premier online resource for finding the best floor scales and weighing products for your warehouse or industrial operation. We offer platform scales, livestock weight scales, and many other options for specific weighing applications, as well as a host of other products to keep you running smoothly.

You’ll see that we have alleyway scales and packages for large weighing. It is also worth noting that many of these livestock scales and packages are discounted, with some offered at promotional prices from time to time. Shop for exactly what you need to today, but be sure to return often as your needs change. We want to also provide the resources you need to get the weighing products you need, the information you’ll appreciate, and the service you demand.

If you have questions about any of the models you see here or if you are uncertain which one will meet your needs most effectively, give us a call or email. We’re here to help and  want to make certain you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase. We offer free shipping on some larger orders and we ship directly from our facility in Olive Branch, MS. We are standing by, ready to offer a custom solution to your weighing dilemma.
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Livestock Alleyway Scale Model TSM5-28-LS
5,000 lb capacity NTEP certified, Legal for Trade livestock scale. A complete weighing system, including weighing platform/alleyway, outdoor-rated digital indicator with built in rechargeable battery, and all required cables and cords. Factory calibrated. Ships ready to connect and use. #Livestock #Scales #livestockindustry

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Floor Scale Package #TSM5-44-SS-D

If you’ve been looking for industrial floor scales and found Floor Scales Direct online, you’re in luck. This heavy duty floor scale may be exactly what you’re looking for, and with Floor Scales Direct, you can count on a competitive price, fast and free shipping, and excellent customer care. After you purchase, Floor Scales Direct is sure to become your premier source for industrial scales and resources to improve your operations.

The TSM5-44-SS-D is a 5,000 pound capacity industrial-duty floor scale that comes with a weighing deck, digital indicator, as well as all the required cables and cords—you’ll be ready to go as soon as it’s delivered. This model is factory calibrated and outdoor rated. The stainless steel weighing deck is self-leveling, has shock absorbing feet and a stainless steel junction box. This model also has a rugged, NTEP approved, full feature digital indicator. Housed in a stainless steel enclosure and featuring a keyboard tare, this 7600E indicator comes with a bright 0.6 LED display and full duplex RS-232. If you’re looking for industrial weighing scales that have it all, this model may fit the bill.

Trust Floor Scales Direct to offer the industrial floor scales you want to compare for your applications. Have a question about our industrial weighing scales or a general concern about shipping or return policies? Want to know more about accessories? Contact us at (800) 238-0152, we’re here to be a resource for you.

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New Bench Scales. The NTEP certified, Legal for Trade Bench Scales deliver professional-grade quality at an entry-level price.

Ships complete with digital indicator, post mount and all required cables and cords. Factory calibrated. Ships knocked down. Simple set up consists of bolting on the post and the digital indicator.
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Bench Scales
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Post has attachment introduces it's new line of Bench Scales.
The NTEP certified, Legal for Trade TBS line of Bench Scales deliver professional-grade quality at an entry-level price.

The Bench Scale ships complete with digital indicator, post mount and all required cables and cords. Factory calibrated. Ships knocked down. Simple set up consists of bolting on the post and the digital indicator.

The Industrial-duty Weighing Base features a carbon steel tubular frame with epoxy finish, sealed single point load cell, four-point overload protection, adjustable feet and level bubble. Platter is stainless steel.

The Full-feature TS-700 MS Digital Indicator features include a NEMA-4X steel enclosure, RS-232 port for printer, PC interface, or remote display, 6-digit high visibility LED readout, Gross/Net/TARE, instant lb-kg conversion, precision check weighing, weight accumulation with weighment count, three options for weight hold, and gravity compensation parameters. Compatible with Triner's popular DataLog PC software for logging and managing weigh data.

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To meet the needs of our customers, we have assembled a comprehensive range of floor scale packages, including popular options and accessories. We also manufacture custom-size floor scales at our facilities when our customer’s needs require unique solutions.

In addition to floor scales, we also offer a rotating selection of various other commercial / industrial scales, including special purchase prices.

Floor Scales Direct is a full service company, and we ship directly from our facilities in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

We are available to discuss your weighing needs – please call us with any questions you may have about our products or services.

Floor Scales Direct is a division of Triner Scale & Manufacturing Co., Inc., one of the very first scale companies in the United States. Established in 1897, Triner Scale's early product range included innovative designs in Mechanical Beam and Mechanical Fan scales. Today, Triner continues to incorporate innovative design and rugged durability into a full range of commercial and industrial electronic scales. Triner provides nationwide products and services to companies such as  FedEx, UPS, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, & the United States Postal Service, just to name a few. Triner Scale also designs and manufactures specialized scale systems such as Conveyor Scales, Airline Baggage Scales, Air Cargo and Postal Scales. #floorscales #commercialscales #industrialscales #ntepcertifiedscales

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