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Where do I belong?
Where do I belong?

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Apparently I won a trip to Florida in that travel contest I entered.....I don't enter travel contests.....I dislike traveling.

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I used to feel like if I died tomorrow it really wouldn't matter. People can burn my shit if they want. I don't really fucking care and somehow that gave me comforting solace. Now I have a cat so I have to live. Sometimes I look at her and I think "If you weren't here, I could just die tomorrow, fuck!"

If you take yourself seriously while using the internet. It's time to turn it off and do something else.

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So  you're whining because Michael Bay produced the new TMNT movie. Well to warm you up to a obvious popcorn movie here is a link to a very good fan made movie called "Casey Jones"

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Say hello to everyone Lily, yes that's right now I have someone to take care of. Be concerned because I can barely take care of myself.

Seriously though I'm very glad to have this hell cat in my life now.

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I don't usually say anything about Google theme logo's but this year's Valentine Logo is not only cute but also very innovative.

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Started watching Degrassi on Netflix, ah good old Canadian Memories.

Crazy how Degrassi Jr High started in 1987 and that's considered classic. Doesn't seem real that the 80's are that long ago to me.

Isn't there any guy out there who puts "Sex" low on their list of things they need.

Am I the only guy in the world who couldn't give two shits about his libido being non existent?

Am I the only person who feels like that?
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