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ideal tips for small space!
I love big space and hate cluttered kitchen. People would call that a minimalist design. For me, it is for good fengshui. For that reason, today I am going to share with you the best 9 storage tools that you need to declutter your kitchen.

Why do I need to declutter my kitchen?

I am glad you asked! Who would want to return from work to face with frying pans or utensil lying on the counter top? Not me! Besides the bad look and feel of the kitchen, the cluttered space leaves a bad energy around your home. If you are like me, I am a strong believer of a good Feng Shui. I remember one day when I returned home from work to see a messy house left by my kids and my friends. That day, I could not neither eat and sleep well at all. The next day, I decided to do a spring cleaning and in an instant, in additional to the extra space in my living room and kitchen, I felt so good and light. That night, I slept like a baby. Now you see, this is a power of a clean kitchen.

A messy and cluttered kitchen can leave you in bad health state. Declutter your kitchen and make an extra space in an instant by following the tips below

Now that you know the important to declutter your space, it’s time to reveal the 9 tools you can use to hack your cluttered kitchen.

1- False Front Tip-Out Trays with hinges

This is one good hack for a DIY folks. The idea here is to not leave any space in front of your sink unused. By installing one of this tip out trays, you can store soap and sponge. When not use, you can hide them all away. A neat storage tool for any kitchen I must say.

Get it here

2- Ikea Knuff Magazine File

I did not know that the Ikea Knuff Magazine holder can be used for such purpose, until I found the photo from pinterest today that blow my mind. Good by to all those aluminium foil that lies on my kitchen counter top.

Buy it here.

3- Pull out drawer with compartment for potatoes, onion and bread

This is quite a good hack to store these messy items- see photos below to understand what I mean. For more information, click here.

4- Use hooks for measuring spoon behind the cabinet

Another tip to give an instance extra space in the kitchen is to use hooks. These hooks can be placed behind the cabinet like the photos below. As we usually use adhesive tape to put these hooks up, it is not recommended to hang heavy utensil on these hooks.

Get these hooks from Amazon.

5- Use photo display ledge to maximize the pantry space

As this designer from Columbia shown us on her Ikea Hack site, it is possible to use the photo display ledge to add extra space within the cabinet. I cannot agree more to that! As time goes by, we keep on stocking more and more cooking stuff and indeed it can be challenging just to find the salt tin! As such, I highy recommend this kitchen hack.

Go here to buy these photo display ledge.

6- Use magnetic knife strip for metal utensils

I admit, I used to see these magnetic stripe in Ikea store. However, I have never bother to install one. Having said that, these stripes are very powerful and cool if we blend well with the overall interior design. I would recommend you try these out.


7-  Install an appliance lift that is hidden in the cabinet

This is a must have for any home owner. Personally, I love to bake and hence installing one of these appliance lift is a good idea. Beside, I do not have to leave the mixer right in front of any naked eyes.

8- Hidden Dish Draining Closet

I bet you have one of those dish draining that you would place near to your sink, right? No worry, 98% of people do that until they see this hidden dish draining closet.

I suggest you head to dornob for a detailed history on this ingenious design. With this draining system install, you not only save extra space in your kitchen but also save time to store these plates away. Cooh, eh.

9- Use this wall-mounted cabinet for your dried stuff

This wall mounted cabinet is produced by Ella’s kitchen, a space-saving kitchen storage company. It is quite costly in my view but for a rich family, this is a great added storage tool that can save you extra space. It is also a neatly designed cabinet.

each of the 12 pourable scoop containers hold the equivalent of a large bag of dry cooking ingredients. The nine glass bottles with aluminium lids help make this a perfect pantry for baking ingredients and spices. You will be amazed at how your kitchen cupboards are freed up for other items.



Finally, thank you for taking the time to browse through these 9 kitchen storage tool that you can use to instantly make extra space and declutter your kitchen. Now, go on and tell me which of the tools specified here that you like?


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Interesting garden, my son said
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