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NOAA Weather
NOAA forecast & radar for you exact location
NOAA forecast & radar for you exact location


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The beta version is now available to anyone using the Play Store. This is where new features first become available.

Follow this link for the free version:

And this Link for the pro version:

Everyone is also welcome in the G+ beta community where you can take part in discussion of new features.

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The recent updates to v2.6 have been to further improve weather observations. I want to add a lot more weather stations for the app to use. Right now its an option in the forecast tab.

Update today (v2.6.0) adds a cool new feature. You can now view and switch between nearby observation stations! These options are available by simply pressing on the observations and using the more stations or map buttons.

Not only will this give you more info and choices, I think it will also make it more clear where the data is coming from and why it doesn't always match what you see outside or in the forecast data.

The app will remember your station choices. Also, for those of you using the history option on the hourly forecast, this choice will apply there as well since the history also comes from observations.

v2.6.0 also switches again to the new NOAA API re-scheduled for release on April 4th.

Hazardous Weather Outlook has been added back when available with the new API, and is now optionally enabled/disabled in the tab options.


NOAA is making some major changes on March 7th that will cause an interruption in service for this app. This was delayed from the original January date because they didn't have it ready. Unfortunately there are still unresolved issues 3 months later with just a week until the change.

For the most part everything should work. Some of the things with issues I have workarounds for so I think it is ready to get out to all of you. Most of the changes NOAA is making won't effect the way the app looks or operates. If something isn't working it could be a bug so please report it here, or send me an email.

Update (v2.5.0) should be live by around the time you read this.


Hello beta testers. I just posted an update to the beta channel which I know has some missing functionally and possible bugs, and I am sorry for that.

NOAA is making some major behind the scenes changes in about a week and no longer supporting the old resources. This will cause the app to stop working. I have been migrating the app for these new "APIs" but some of them do not provide all the data that the old ones do. Specifically in the hourly section if you have added items to the graph/table they will not be available. There are some other bugs in the new API which may cause problems for some locations. I have been reporting these to NOAA and hopefully they will get them fixed.

Due to the large number of changes I have had to make there will likely be other bugs. If you run across anything that isn't working or have problems or crashes with the app, please let me know and I will try and get things fixed over this next week so that there will be a smooth transition when things go into production.

Thanks for all your help!


Does anyone have a Samsung Galaxy S6 that recently upgraded to Android 6, and now the widgets no longer work?

3-day hourly history now available in v2.3.0 on the beta channel.

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Preview of the 3 day history in the hourly view. The line marks the divider between the history and forecasted data. Still working out bugs. Feedback welcome.

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Wearable support is now available in beta.

There is now watch/wearable support. Not sure if any of you here have watches, but if you do you can enable the weather notification in the app you will also get updates on the watch. You can launch the app on the watch as well for the current conditions.
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