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16/365: 2019
I've always
been curious to know the answers to some questions that I think they are
different. During these days, when I'm seen TV news, I ask myself: Why to keep
the name to Dakar Rally if the race is happening in Peru? Do you have somey ideas? 
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14/365: 2019
I 've just read this article by Albert Cuesta (great article!)  and I cannot avoid sharing with you these words. Steve Jobs was the person more important in
whole Apple story, about this no one can say anything. That is the question: if
Apple will know to l...
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10/365: 2019
nervous. Tomorrow will be a great day...I hope. It will be the first day to
Innovation Camp: 100 Mataró students of three High School will give solution to
four city Mataro Challenges. What will happen it? I would like that it will be successful.
have c...
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9/365: 2019
I love to
go to swimming. Today have
been the first day, from December 20 th December, that I have come back
to swim. The reason is because the swimming pool was closed from that day to do
cleaning tasks. It’s needed to do it once a year. I know that
it mus...
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8/365: 2019
One day
like this in 2005 you said goodbye. I miss you, Raül!
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7/365: 2019
I’m very
tired. All day,
I've been sat in front my laptop. Tomorrow will be the first day after
Christmas holiday, consequently I wanted to prepare the classes of the week. Also, I
must correct the TFG's (Final Degree Project of my college students). The la...
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5/365: 2019
I've just arrived from The Magic Kings Parade in Mataró. Tonight, will be the more
magic night of the year to the kids and adults as well: The Three Kings will
visit all houses to leave the gifts that they have asked in the letters. If the
kids have been go...
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4/365: 2019
Today I
want to think about Google and your link with the education world. I know that Google
is one of the most important company in the world, as a result Google is
considered one of the Big Four Technology companies.   But not only is a big technological...
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3/365: 2019
A great day!  I woke up at 6 am. I have been working until 7:30.  I've done a zumba class at 7:45. Then I've taken breakfast at 9:15 . I have met with Marian and Quim in Tenocampus to prepare the Innovation Camp, a new project to 100 students of High School...
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2/365 : 2019
Dia tranquil.  Començant aviat, cap a les 7,  amb una rerereprogramació d'una matèria, que no hi ha manera que l'acabi de lligar del tot.  Avui també tocava depilar.  I la primera classe de zumba de l'any! Moment de desconnectar.  I també he anat a veure al...
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