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Allison Merritt
Award-winning romance writer, wilderness adventurer, either funny... or just wildly nuts. You can decide.
Award-winning romance writer, wilderness adventurer, either funny... or just wildly nuts. You can decide.
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Book Feature & Interview - She Came With the Tide by Viviana McKade
Hey, y'all. I love box sets and today I've got a super fun one for you to look at! With rock stars! Check out this interview and feature from one of the book in the set--She Came With the Tide by Viviana McKade. 1)       Can you tell us your name? Andrea Tu...

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Good News Comes in Threes, But Beware Stormy Seas
You know what day it is! No, not hump day. Don't start that junk. I don't want to hear it. It's the five year anniversary release day of THE TREASURE HUNTER'S LADY! What are we doing to celebrate? Um...not much. Go get a copy free on Kindle Unlimited . Afte...

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Lawless Cover Reveal
Title: Lawless Genre: Western paranormal romance Length: 64,000 words Publisher: Demoiselle Books Publication date: March 7, 2017 Blurb: His redemption lies
beyond death. Hers lies in changing his heart. A
moment of pity costs outlaw Clayton Wilder his life...

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Looking Back & Ahead
I'm sitting here right now thinking about how five years ago I was getting ready to release The Treasure Hunter's Lady. February 10th marks the anniversary of the release date. And of a journey that branched wildly out into the publishing world. Where I'm a...

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Best Laid Plans
My intentions to begin blogging again kind of fell by the wayside. Naturally, because this is me we're talking about. I have a PhD in procrastination. But, here I am, trying again. VisionCon is coming up. It begins February 24 and goes to the 26th. I. Am. S...

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What's Up, Buttercup?
The last couple of years, blogging hasn't really been my thing. Of course, the last couple of years has been chock full of doubt, worry, and procrastination in the name of both those things. I hope to rectify that this year. I could tell stories that would ...

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Happy Howlidays!
Wishing you all the best, from my home to yours!

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Wordy Wednesday - Five Roads From Beltane
Here's the meet-cute between my characters Lucy Hawley and Joseph Wade from my "ending" in Five Roads From Beltane. Merry Christmas! Lucy Hawley stretched on her tips of her toes and extended her fingers to push an errant can of baking soda back onto the sh...

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Wordy Wednesday - Sin & the Sea
Proven fact: You can never have too much pirate in your life. Unless, maybe, you're like trapped by Somali pirates or something. Don't do that. Have some fictional, hot pirates instead, 'k? Here's a snippet from Sin and the Sea, by contribution to the Treas...

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"My memory loves you; it asks about you all the time." -Johnathon Carroll Happy birthday, Daddy. It's been fourteen years since I handed you a present, and thirteen years since the last time we said good bye. It's a sharp pain. The other day me and Mom were...
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