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Who will become Trump's advisers and goto people on Science and Technology?

Peter Thiel, of course. Probably some of the climate denial scientists.

Don't expect funding for HHS and NIH to continue.

Look at Wisconsin's experience with political agendas in its public higher education sector. Science, math, ... get hammered.

Muslim scientists and engineers get blocked at every turn. Of course. Scientists who collaborate get labeled as traitorous, by their peers in some cases.

We will see the US trade representative even more focused on favoring influential donors in the US corporate sector, not that Obama or Clinton didn't do exactly that. Just a different crew of crony capitalists under Trump.

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As long as there's some momentum behind helping kids learn science, I figure we ought to rethink what we teach, a lot. I'm frustrated that so much that is taught in K-12 science is so old or misguided that scientists have to unlearn it to do real science, and the non-science graduates get led to believe "truths that are known to be untrue." I'm so frustrated that I had to rant on my blog: Permalink: <>
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