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Progress is always fun to look at.  There's also something to be said about starting young.  I've seen so many teenagers improve exponentially because they just sat at home and drew all day.

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"For the first couple years you make stuff," public radio host Ira Glass stated once, "it's just not that good. It's trying to be, but it's not." Glass' pep talk, directed at creatives but applicable to pretty much everyone, m...
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I love seeing progression! They're so fun! You should do one, too :)
Happy Birthday, Shelley Duvall, my waifu from another laifu.

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Mark Badoy

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Sketch for something. Halftone shooped in.

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"Hi everyone - this is Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation and author of Ending Aging. I'm here to do an AMA for the next two hours."

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Shepard Fairey talks about his life, artwork, and inspirations.  Towards the end, he gets into his Obama design and the lawsuit that followed.  Just listening to Fairey's voice, I can tell that he's still bitter about the situation.  Great interview though.  I have way more respect for him now.

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Putting the "art" in "ripoff artist"
Forgot to post this earlier. Christmas gift from +Kim Song.  I can't express enough how amazing this looks in person.

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I try to keep religious posts to a minimum but there's so much gold in this article. Probably my favorite quote in a news article ever:

Ebarb advised them that if they wanted an ungodly classroom, they should transfer C.C. to a school where “there are more Asians.”

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First and last time I post about religion.

With little effort, I've made it to +Cam Loon's ignore list, but let me reply anyways.  Maybe +Sandy Perez can relay this message to him.  (You're the only person that +1 his asinine comment so I'm assuming you're both friends.)

+Cam Loon I thought we could keep this civil, even after viewing your page.  You obviously have strong views on religion, politics, and world events, but you have trouble controlling your emotions and articulating your thoughts.  So let me expand on my words to help you and others understand my point of view.

I felt "alienated and uncomfortable" because everywhere I went, I was STARED AT.  It's like they've never seen an Asian person before.  The people I got a chance to interact with responded to my kindness and respect with hostility in their body language and voice.  (Ironically, similar to how +Cam Loon is responding to me.)  Then when my white friends talked to them, those same hostile people would morph into sweet, warm country folk.  I get a lot of hostility down here in Houston, but it's never been as focused as my experiences in the Bible Belt.  I was absolutely not welcome there.

It was "culture shock" because the dialect was very different than what I'm used to.  I'd even say it was "charming" if anyone actually smiled while they talked to me.  I remember stores having strange schedules.  From my experience, the entire city of Charlotte, North Carolina shuts down on Sunday, nothing opens until noon, and everything closes at 6 o'clock.  Of course, that's just one isolated incident that I remember, but that memory stuck with me.  I remember not being able to purchase alcohol on specific days/times, yet seeing hard liquor available for purchase at gas stations.  Really different rules (that I personally have a hard time comprehending) than the rest of the country.

I traveled to Georgia when I was a child (to visit a cousin), Arkansas as a teenager (to visit another cousin), and North Carolina (karate tournament), South Carolina (wedding), and Louisiana (karate tournament) as an adult.  Even though I visited those places at different times of my life, I still got the same vibe from everywhere in those states.  Basically, it felt like I was an outsider and they did not want me there.  (With the exception of New Orleans which just seemed like a party town to me.)  So that's my hypocrisy in a nutshell.

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Vladimir Putin may be a powerful and menacing leader here on Earth, but in the cosmos, he isn't getting such kind treatment.
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Doing things for a thing.

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+Kim Song Good point.  Sculpey seems better suited for organic things with weight, like figures.  Creating something mechanical and/or geometric is a challenge.  I assume that a potter's wheel and some clay would make things like ash trays and vases easier to make.
I would've been way more self-conscious had I realized that this was the same girl I waited in line for at Comicpalooza.

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damn... I must be special

Mark Badoy

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I don't think hair has ever done that but I want to belieb.
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This looks great!
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