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It's been five years since I first visited this place. I thought I'd finally take the time to share my experience.


Racist/prejudiced storytime.

Five years ago, early December of 2011, I drove in from Austin and visited Houston for a friend's wedding. Some time around noon, I stopped by this Al's Formal Wear location off of Bay Area Blvd to look for a suit or tuxedo to rent.

An older woman was assisting a customer, so I spent the time looking at bowties and other accessories while they finished their business. When the customer left, the employee disappeared into the back room without addressing me.

I didn't think much of it. She was probably the only employee working at the time and probably had a lot of stuff to do, so I entertained myself by skimming through one of the catalogs that were out on display, waiting patiently to be assisted. Several minutes later, the lady comes back out to the front. I greet her and tell her that I'm looking for a suit or tuxedo for a wedding that weekend.

Then hell breaks loose.

The woman is visibly upset. "You want a suit for this weekend?" She raises her voice. "THIS WEEKEND??" She seemed to be unnerved by the 48-hour time limit that I sprung on her. She starts ranting about how they'll need to overnight a delivery and how there's no time. Then she starts putting the blame on me. "Why didn't you come earlier??"

I told her that I just drove in from Austin, and I am apparently unfamiliar with the basics of suit rentals. I apologized for coming "last minute" (Who knew 48 hours was "last minute"?) but I thought they would have something that I could wear.

She berates me more, mumbling to herself about how there's no time, etc. Then she dismisses me in the rudest way possible: "Why don't you go down the street to Burlington Coat Factory? That's more in your price range."

I hold in all my anger and I quietly leave.

She didn't know my price range because price was never discussed. Hell, we never even got past the subject of time! But she assumed I was uncultured and poor (a brown dude with earrings, t-shirt and jeans, still wearing the same clothes from the Austin drive) and despite all my courtesy she rejected my business and insulted me in the process.

A semi-good ending to the story: Distraught, I wandered over to Men's Wearhouse in front of Baybrook Mall, and the employees were very kind to me, very civil and professional. I was immediately helped, they promptly took my measurements, and I was given a business card before leaving. I ended up buying a suit at Express in Baybrook Mall. Both Express and Men's Wearhouse are above and beyond Al's Formal Wear.

After this experience, Al's Formal Wear will NEVER have my business. I peeked in the store a couple of years after this incident and that decrepit monster was still lurking in there.

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Evernote, you goddamned..
Please don't read my erotic fan fiction. It's all I have left.

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This #spaceheater keeps me warm when I poop. #graphite #drawing

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So much of modern fantasy, literature, and pop culture are starting to make more sense. Tom Bombadil was weird as fuck but otherwise a great start to a great epic. #Goodreads #Books #LotR #Hobbitststs
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