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Some Events Should Be "Modify As Needed"
Be angry and sin not. That’s in the Bible. Jesus said it. Well, today I’m a bit
angry, and I’m going to use this post to prevent my yen to spew venom, thus,
(hopefully) sin not. I
can’t get the Inaugural Day Parade out of my thoughts, which is the root of m...

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Trump Without Teleprompter More Raw; But Message Still Received When Scripted
On the heels of yesterday's cowardice act, I'd like to say prayers for all who were directly and indirectly affected by the heinous act. To shoot an unarmed person who is of no threat to you speaks volumes. I am so glad that I serve a God who tells me not t...

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Politics In A Nutshell
Yes, it's been a minute. And, yet so little has changed, in politics that is!  Several famous people have died, what for most of us seem prematurely. But the big news of the day remains politics. Hillary, Bernie, and Donald J. are in what sometimes seems li...

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President Obama Made the Right Call in Staying the Course
Oftentimes, life puts you between a rock and a difficult place. It is then that you have to make a call on the best thing to do. As an outsider looking in, I have to respect the President's decision to go on with life as- scheduled on his recent trips to Cu...

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Thanks to DJ Trump, Americans Are Engergized!
I am energized by the passion of this campaign season. People are more fired-up than the Obama followers of 2008. Donald Trump will change the face of the Republican Party. When is the last time you have openly seen African-Americans rallying FOR a GOP cand...

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Gardening is good for the soul; thus, a healthy rehabilitation for those who do the work.

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Denver Mom Humiliating Daughter Planting a Seed of Abuse
 My heart breaks watching this video. I don't think this is effective
parenting any more than I think running down the street attacking your
'grown' son is effective. Sometimes children do dumb and sometimes
reckless acts as they transition from teen to ...

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If You’re Unemployed, Keep Applying!!!!
If you’re in the hunt for a new gig don’t get discouraged and
quit. Bailing out of the job-market affects the ratings in ways that skew the
true unemployment rate. While the ‘stable’ numbers touted may be a good marketing
ploy to get young people and some o...

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As Mother's Day 2015 comes to an end and the gifts have been opened and special meals prepared, we must not forget those mothers struggling to accept the loss of their precious sons, whether police officers in uniforms gunned down just because of the profes...

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Headline in Major Paper a Huge Blunder
Okay, how am I supposed to receive this headline published May 10, 2015. Is it in poor taste or was the editor off duty? Two Mans and One Woman Charged in Murder of Two Cops in Mississippi  -  USA TODAY
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