When you start to evolve, you lose your vocabulary with others.

On my continuous journey of self-discovery and personal growth, I've had moments where I've struggled to maintain friendships and relationships. I've struggled to keep that connection and line of communication open. I've allowed myself to become frustrated with the actions and decisions of others and I've put forth an unsuccessful effort to help guide and change their lives for the better.

Sometimes all we need is a long talk on a Wednesday morning while sipping super strong coffee in order to have a much needed moment of clarity. There is something that happens when you put forth a continuous effort to evolve - you outgrow people, places and things. News flash: THAT IS OKAY! We all have our own, unique journey and throughout the course of life, our journey will differentiate from that of others. Be thoughtful and tactful with what and how you give. Our energy flows in many directions, but since this is OUR journey, WE get to choose where that energy flows.

In the end, spread love and acceptance, but don't drown yourself because you allow others to sink your ship. As we evolve, we outgrow. Keep moving forward with a strong heart and steady mind.
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