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Dark Matter Chocolate Laboratory is having a Valentine's Day chocolate sale to benefit the American Heart Associated for those interested. Lots of truffles this time around, plus a bunch of new geeky molds. (You wanted a chocolate TARDIS, right?) Order before Feb. 5 for delivery by Valentine's Day, or arrange local pickup.

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Volume boosting, because I've got a bunch of inventory and would like to give the Greater Boston Food Bank a nice big holiday check.

I'm doing a holiday chocolate sale to benefit the Greater Boston Food Bank and take full advantage of their 100% matching program for December. For every bar you buy, I'll donate $.50 for a full $1 worth of benefit to the hungry; and you get a delicious set of holiday presents... or just a tasty snack. If you order by Sunday evening, I'll ship on Monday for expected delivery by Christmas; or we'll arrange a local pickup as appropriate. And I now take credit cards, for added convenience.

Time for a little crowdsourcing; I'll try to keep it brief so it's easily ignored.

I'd like a better name for my chocolate business than Chocolates by Ariel. A clever coworker suggested the <hometown> Chocolate Laboratory. Which is already noticably better, but I'd rather not be quite so geographically tied to this town. (Especially since the town bureaucracy has made getting this business going again a pain the the bloody neck.)

So: If you can suggest an awesome business name-- or an awesome fill-in-the-blank for the Foo Chocolate Laboratory-- that I think is worth running with, I will happily provide you with a chocolate creation of your choice*. Please avoid anything that might trigger copyright/trademark issues; the Middle-Earth Chocolate Laboratory is probably right out. Bonus points for names that work well in both geeky (Arisia, ren faires, steampunk festivals) and non-geeky (craft fairs, farmers markets) settings.

* Within reason. No 25-lb chocolate sculptures or anything.

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I need to find a usefully identifying picture before joining in on the spartacus movement (which will probably mean tomorrow, if people are persisting, which I hope they do); but in the meantime, an excellent post.

Not that you all (*coughGooglecough*) should really need to see more good posts and good reasoning about pseudonymity. I mean, really, people; we ought to be in beating a dead horse territory by now, why is this policy still in place and getting more ridiculous by the day?
I suppose it is only appropriate to break my usual G+ tepidity to mention the blog post I just wrote:

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My latest project, finished! At least for this version, which is a book cover to replace the paper one around Deathly Hallows. This is part tribute to the players of our Harry Potter LARP (hence the seal, thank you House Beaverdash), part game prop for the sequel I'm writing, and part excuse for some fun leatherworking. The next step is to learn bookbinding and put the game compendium inside, but first I have some LaTeX hacking to do to make it the same size. Or else I'll just remake this in 8 1/2 x 11....

This is lightweight tooled leather; the seal is done in CovaColor, which is I believe an acrylic paint intended for leather, and stained lightly for an aged effect and better clarity of the tooling.. Interestingly, the actual leather is brown simply from the generous application of neatsfoot oil, and it ends up looking very Old Book-ish. (Before oiling, it was pale beige. The difference is unbelievable.) And no, I didn't even need to do anything special to color the letters; the compressed leather just ends up that much darker from the oil. Cool, huh?
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So, more experienced g+ users: is there a way to put an entire circle in another circle, or is this a feature I need to request? I can't seem to figure it out, but it seems so obvious.

Today's exciting discovery: at high enough temperatures, steel stops being magnetic! Can any of you folks explain this mystery to me?

In related news, I now have my very own hand-made, properly-tempered steel chisel and metal punch. You can hear the temper. It's so cool. I think blacksmithing may be addictive, blisters or no.

Gosh, I'm good at getting the circles interface to crash. Third time so far, and I've only been playing with this for a couple of hours. Now to figure out where the bug-reporting portion of the beta is.

Why does Google+ keep suggesting me for its "add to circles" feature? And doing it repeatedly, no less....
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