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Financial tips for divorcing couples
Find out how divorcing couples in California should go about handling their new financial situation to prevent avoidable money problems. Read this article to better understand how reshaping your budget, getting an early start, working with financial experts and collaborating with your ex-spouse on joint accounts and debts helps you in the long run.

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U.S. Supreme Court decision about military retirement in divorce
Read an article about a new decision by the U.S. Supreme Court about the interaction of federal military law and state divorce law when at least one of the divorcing spouses has served in any branch of the military. The issue can come up in state court property division orders that impact military retirement benefits.

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In California, property division isn't for sissies
Sure, you'll get half of your marital property, but you may not realize just how much you and your spouse have accumulated, whether assets or debt. An experienced attorney will ask the right questions to make sure you've left nothing out.
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