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A zebra named Zoe was born in Hawaii in 1998 who actually has golden stripes and blue eyes.

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This is my first ever time to see a golden zebra.
Very unique, an albino zebra ?? Either way beautiful 
Wow, very different, nice.
How do get this post hot on Google+!!???? Please someone tell me please!!🐴🐴
This is a pretty horse!! 🐴🐴🐴🐴
Wow!!!!!! I would love to see this in real life.
Wow! I live for entertainment (golden zebras') :-) 
I wonder if he feel s different from the others..
Bet he got teased by all the other Zebra's.
Hawaii produces awesome stuff a golden zebra, the inspiration for Elvis's music, Barack Obama
That's so funny I have never seen in my I intire life!!!😃😃😃
Thats true Andrew C, and funny Happy Holidays. 
Is the blond version of the brunette zebras?? Haha jk but it's very interesting love the pic thanks for sharing! :)
my friends always wanted to know if there was  a blonde zebra when they were little
it is very beutifall aniamal. i never see it .
Just when you thought you seen it all. Amazing
This zebra got the recessive genes from both parents. 7th grade accelerated science.
Riad .w
If she is a female golden zebra she will be very popular among the black striped male zebras. Just a guess! 
hehehehehehehehehehe very funny, that is a very awkward looking zebra, thats for sure...
Kay BT
wow..! .
so amazingly unique and beautiful.
P Leon
Well... Never knew that
Very unique is it considered an albino zebra no pigmant in stripes
pepole please stop sending coments to my gmail 
So pretty where did you find that photo?
I like this horse it is so cute who never horse is this I like it 
Wow, born long time ago, is he still alive?
we have cought raccoons like this
di ana
Most beautiful Zebra ever.
Its so beaUtiful I wonder how many of these things are in the world
I'm with ya Olivia Barros let's go find this zebra
Kazi ya Mungu. Sifa na utukufu ni Kwake
He's one a kind thats for sure.tcm
Only God could create such an amazing creature. Look at us!!!
Modified golden zebra or perhaps yellow curry?
The colour that's what I meant 2 say..not for edible...yikes.
Beatiful and different! 
Cool but they are nomaly black stripes and eyes
my god even zebra's can be blonde 
now tell me humans don't come back as animals in the next life.
sara h
sky lar
Woi that pretty

Not albino, dilute. A number of dilute genes have been identified in horses, resulting in blue eyes over a black base. My guess this mutation would be similar.
How much do the pelts sell for; after a natural death, of course?
מגניב אבל הוא נראה מזה מסכן!
Awwww😰 I feel bad for t that zebra. It's got a disease. There are only 15 of these special zebras in the whole world. These perticular zebras on live for about 5 our 6 years🐴
Its nature and god made the zebra that way 
coooooooooollllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
umm......... i dont think it is a unicorn
is he even still alive?!?!?
Well, I can erase "colored zebra" off of 'the things I'll never ever see list' :)
that is one strange looking horse
i wish i had that zebra hes soooooo cute!
You lost me st blue eyes
It is interesting but by no measure mind blowing. When was the last time I saw blonde hair and blue eyes? Ow I remember , my neighbor and my class mate ... infact the fact that the blue eyes came with blonde hair makes it less magical. Perfect example for the rules of adaptation and rececive gene protection. God doesn't play dies with the universe. If zebras migrate to the northern hemisphere , this will be what they would look like after many generations of natural selection. The blue print ? We are looking at it. Gotta love Darwin.
Only if Hitler was a boathand on Noah's ark
is that a real zebra?
Look photoshoped at first xD . Woow this planet have lots of beauty
Alisha, I believe that the genetic make up resulted in this zebra being born with these features! A rare occurrence but a beautiful animal! One of gods masterpiece creations! 
I wish my eyes were that pretty sheesh those things are glowing!
+Pebo Reece well fantasy is always greater always more inflated than reality. Don't blame me, blame sceince, blame reality. It looks beautiful I know but its no more God's masterpiece than the regular black/white zebra. Infact the regular zebra is the true masterpiece, survivor of continuous evolutionary challenge. Adaptable ,successful at evading predators etc.... enjoy the sight but dont call this the 'masterpiece'. 
+Sarah girlie great question. Now go study sceince. This awe, this wonder is what drives a sceintist :) and good news is we knw exactly how and why this is possible. Have fun studying evolution :)
Hmm but not sure,this is photoapps used to comfuse us

Omfg!!!!! D: I'm in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! <3 this zebra is my favorite, love the blue eyes, and golden strips :D
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+Cliff Kirby ok so I went 2 the link & it still the same color scheme so y all the fuss still an amazing pic
+Pebo Reece e the color scheme of course is the same because it's just a filter. The problem is that's not the true colors. The zebra is awesome on it's own but when u alter it like that it takes away the truth of it. They're saying this is what it looks like when it doesn't really look that way.
+Jamie Hill yes i get that but the link want the dramatic difference I was expecting, the link was less brilliant but I have yet 2 see a zebra like that in the flesh so 2 me it's an amazing pic
Like like a poor Photoshop to me 
+micky wendwossen omg how many have u ran across in the flesh cuz I've seen the black & white ones dozens of times. They're both beautiful but the uniqueness of the blond/orange/yellow whatever u call it deserves the applause rite now which I'm sure the 1st black & white 1 got, sheeesh!
+Pebo Reece e well yea it's a nice pic from a photographers view. The whole problem with this is the way they present it as this is how she looks everyone. It's like false advertising really. Like here she is go see her!!! Oh look at the disappointment she isn't like the picture we saw. It's just not right to do that the zoo itself doesn't want this picture circulating 
A giraffe must have been.................. well looks cool.
+Jamie Hill it was amazing 2 me cuz I never saw 1 til now & neither pic disappointed me, it's a blonde zebra nuthing can take away from that & both pics were amazing 2 me 1 just popped a little more
I want one so cool and magastic and i just love the blue eyes 
my fam doesn't believe this is legit but i kinda do 
Susan C
An albino zebra ??
And some white people still don't think they mutated from black people. 
Oh sorry ha. What was your question??
One amazing zebra so pretty I have never seen one like this one 
wow rare true beauty at its best, almost like getting closer to the unicorn, that hopefully will show themselves again wen we as humans show no threat to the beautys that once roamed this world to... 
That is so pretty and beautiful. 
intriguingly different, i don't know if i like it or not.
That's an amazing and a lucky zebra
Wtf? I need to see this. DAD BUY PLANE TICKETS! WHERE? HAWAII!
J.Y Li
I think it is born with disease. Like some Asian was born with blond hair bleached white skin and blue eye. 
That completely blew my mind.I don't know if I should believe that it's real or think it's fake.someone tell me if its real or fake please.I need to know if Zoe is real or Photoshop.
Wat the fuk, I ain't neva n my life seen a golden stripped zebra wit blue eyes but Kool!!!!!

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Sheri C
Hmm? The result of a laboratory experiment, perhaps?
she's cute , i love zebras
You have to be different from your own kind!!
I wonder if there are any evolutionary or survival-related advantages to this variation in stripe and ocular coloration. What were the zebra's parents like?
Lou Q
that's amazing

this zebra has a condition called amelanosis. 
other wise know as FAAAAAKKKKKEEEE
Photoshop did a really good job on this one
Almost like that old saying, "A horse of a different colour." (English spelling and I'm NOT 'correcting' it)
you can see ...................
exceptions are everywhere
I want that color orange is my favorite
who is stupid, We for believing or you for trickery against us? If this is true. it is ungodly.
What no way ther is also a blondie zebra
That is pretty awesome guess what
I like zebra's zoe is pretty cool:-) 
First time to see zebra colored like zoe...
scientist who are inspired by (dark fallen angels) their intelligence are causing confusion. this zebra is an unnatural breed. You might see a rat hybrid with a strawberry you will call it cute too. Wake up!
Oh it has blue eyes but I want one wahhh.
I shouldn't even be amazed with all the unique things this world has shown me and yet I am once again. Beautiful. :) 
wow that really is beautiful. wer in the world is it found
its unique and looks very cool
That is the most beautiful creature in this whole entire universe♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼
Is it diseased? Not to say its not amazing, but that's not natural! I wonder what happened.....
Might be the effect of climate change...
So amazing and beautiful. Just one of God's many creations.
So funny and sad to read this shit! Imagine, people can even figure out a way to get uptight about a photo of a freakin' zebra!
To miło że przyroda nas ciągle zaskakuje👀
Or is it gold with white stripes? 
Its actually really scary
Only God could create its beauty 
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