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Looks great, just not going to signup with facebook.....
Me neither.   Also missing an Android app, so two strikes there.
dudi du
middle of the street
no, no it's not.  I'm sure you can find 10 strange signs that the economy may be improving. The fact of the matter is those "strange signs" are just that.  It is possible to single out multiple things that are doing well despite the overall looming doom that the currently administration has set in store for us.  Cost must be assessed as we are very globally integrated.  Social reform and progressive movements are not negative if our country has the ability to sustain, financially, these costs.  With the strain on the private sector, rising cost of securing the right to practice, and ever-increasing public option (with no ability to fund it, except credits to be applied toward the horrific deficit) we are, as a whole, going to feel the impact as a majority already have.  
For myself i have found a awesome way to recover from the economy and my disability. I no longer worry about looking for a job, SSDI, gas prices do you get the picture? Did you say no? I saw the light at the end of the tunnel can you? 
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