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We’re proud of what we’ve built over the last month and a half, but today is just the beginning. Welcome to v1!
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When's the Android app coming out?
Great start. Already better than Digg was the last 2 years. Looking forward to seeing Digg come back to the greatness that it once was.
Regarding the iPhone app, I really don't want to be forced to share every Digg with Facebook. Is there not a way around that? 
Looks great guys. But facebook account requirement is a deal-breaker—dont' have one. I'll keep an eye on it though.  
now digg completely dead Good bye Digg 
This is awful! Submit a link to twitter but all it does is literally format the link! No title, no build up to the story, nothing. Why do you needed access to my FACEBOOK account? Why must my digg handle which has been Kayla9170 for YEARS have to be changed to my Government Name. Not happy at all!!!
Digg suck last 6 year i use digg and my profile finish .. wtf why i connect my facebook and twitter a/c 
Another news aggregator with share buttons, with fb login and no comments? You can buy clones of this from script sites for 25 bucks.... bring back the old digg!
I would love to use digg, but I've decide to no longer use Facebook. 
You realize that you're a news aggregator, right? So maybe presenting as if you're an original content provider isn't the way to go. Give us more under the headline than reddit, but don't waste so much space. I'll check back in a couple of weeks, but for now, I'm sadly going to reddit. I hope you do better. After all, I've stuck it out for longer than most.
Beautiful design... but there's no sense of community left, no user profiles. It's kind of sad.
I want to love it. I really do. But the lack of category subscriptions kills it for me; the site instantly becomes 100% entertainment.

The majority of the time I spend on Reddit I'm browsing through small subreddits learning things and being generally productive. I want to read the news I care about, not what's most popular.
Eddy Hunt
Sign in with facebook? No.
WTF ..... Whts about my account? working on digg profile from last 2 year ....... :( all finished ,,,,
I do not want to sign in with my Facebook account, EVER!! What an aweful idea. Have I lost my old user name? Strange unfriendly rules being implemented right from the outset? Pushing old members away with capricious mandates, nice start, looks like you do not want old timers to stay with Digg. If I have to sign in with Facebook I am gone, permanently!!! Just the hint of such a rule is bad, to actually require it is a permanent separation from Digg and its stupidity for me.
its very sad to login with FB or twitter, what else if someone don't want to login with FB or twitter or they don't have a/c on it?
My account gone and now just F*book login ... NO! That's not a good start! Would really like this to work out for you and all of us but don't get on the user's nerves by pushing F*book and killing their accounts.
The new design looks promising though and I look forward to a F*book-free version ... is a start...right....riiiiight?  Just hope it get's A LOT better.  The community made digg what it was.  For the time being, that's completely gone.
I really like the look of the new digg
Not a bad start for a 6-week project. Shame about the Facebook requirement, no account here. I'll be keeping an eye out for updates that'll let me digg again.
+Russell Lewis well I was talking specifically about the comments but the entire site community from seeing the people who post the links to seeing who is digging what. But comments is a start.
So, my account has been deleted and now I can't sign up because I don't have a Facebook account. Awesome :(
FYI, someone from Digg just replied to me on Twitter stating that they're still working on importing old accounts and adding new ways to authenticate, they just didn't have time before launch. 
i'll give them another shot... haven't used the site regularly for the past 2 years honestly, and not sure if i will again...
I like the new look and am looking forward to the iterations going forward. Also the fact that they're looking to eliminate sock puppet accounts is good. Reddit is so full of them that I don't bother much with it anymore and appreciate what Digg is doing in this regard.
Looks nice, but I do not want to login with my fb credentials, also why only iphone app? it should be better to build the best mobile site.
+Jorge Acosta Gosh they started with Facebook because it was the only way to keep spam from unknown users down initially - they say they are looking into a new user system with better authentication that will allow for non-Facebook users shortly...
This Facebook thing is a mistake. Dislike.
+Dan Saperstein thanks Dan, but what about Oauth? tw? google? old profiles? and most important, no comments? I would prefer to wait 30 more days to give those options
agreed, +Jorge Acosta Gosh - let's hope they do open it up a bit more, especially with comments... that was one of the more appealing aspects of Digg in the original v1.
I'll try it when you don't require a facebook login.
I managed to get on with g+ . Some old articles but not much activity. Not really much point in keeping it around if it has to be accessed via another service... Facebook people will use Facebook g+ people will use g+.

OTOH if it only temporary then I'll keep checking in from time to time.

In the meantime it is less of a "time sink" than it was before... ;-)
...facebook and twitter access only ?!?!?!? what is it ??! ..and how could I recover my account ??
What exactly is happening with Digg, where is my account?
Why do you only have a link to the "Digg for iphone" on the first page. Forgot 50% of the smartphone users using Android (which you, for your information, have an excellent app for)?

And signin with FB does not work. 
Less about followers, imaginary votes, and spam? I like it already.
So I go to digg like every day, log in via google + and now I am here...not quite what I was expecting....
No categories anymore? Now it looks like a jumbled magazine, with next-to-zero interesting articles. That's a bury. I'm out - sadly.
Guys, it's Version 1. What do you expect from something they've built in only a month? Stuff can only get better.
The problem is, it WAS better. Sharp contrast to the news community it was. When you take away distinct features, of course people will be disappointed.
Will add my voice to the anti-FB/Twitter signup requirement, disappointment at nixing old profile, followers, etc.  The Digg shirt I earned for my 100th Front Page post is becoming ever more the collector's item!
Same here, I'll just wait for the FB requirement to drop. Looks much nicer though.
you need Google's +1 button for each article on your website.
I'm not surprised that they took that route. Sites offering a separate digg button are taking it away fast, as the screen real estate is precious. Taking advantage of the data the other platoforms gather for them is smart.
Facebook only sign on. What about users of the internet ?
I am so sick of this facebook  integration with everything. I would like my original digg only log in back  please. 
I think it sucks.  What about us folks who don't use the Facebook?  Seems odd to force someone to use some random website to interact on yours.
Shame about the Facebook requirement. Don't go down the Spotify route.
Hmm...I don't want my Facebook account associated/linked with my Digg account. Does this mean I'll have to sign up for another Facebook account just for Digg?
Congrats to the new Digg team. Things are looking good on the surface. Hopefully the facebook login remains a temporary solution, though.
I just went to the new after YEARS of never visiting it. I'll be back. +1 on your list of users you just may have acquired.
It looks good but its no longer the way I liked it. Therefore, I will no longer be needing Digg for what it is now. Bad move guys and I hope you's don't fall. Good luck.
Don't let the negative comments discourage you. They're valid, but you guys have balls doing what you did and as it gets better, people will come back to it. Good luck.
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What happened with Digg Accounts? My account is gone... Shame on you Digg...
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