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Kimberly Villareal
Just SomeBunny in HPKCHC Slytherin who loves technology and plays with yarn (or is that vice versa?) as a Yarn-EE Evangelist in the fiber and technology worlds.
Just SomeBunny in HPKCHC Slytherin who loves technology and plays with yarn (or is that vice versa?) as a Yarn-EE Evangelist in the fiber and technology worlds.


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Where hand embroidery needs a standing ovation...
Holy cow. Turns out that the REAL star of Game of Thrones is lone embroiderer Michele Carragher, whose incredibly intricate needlework embellishes the costumes.

Truly, the detail and complexity of these designs is astounding.!PPvcW

Below: Detail from Sansa's wedding dress, the Stark direwolf and Tully fish intertwined.

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Lately I have been playing on Google+ with my work accounts.  So if you are wondering where I am, it is here: 

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Guy hikes to top of Uganda's highest peak, plants rainbow flag, and challenges the president to come take it down if he doesn't like it.


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Bunny butt!!

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Heart this!!
On #nimblestix   when you stash handspun or mark a spinning project as complete, you can enter in skeins of different weights and lengths and even print out labels for each of those skeins.

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Yes. Yes. *YES!!*
Dear Parents,  
Nice to meet you; Please let me introduce myself , I am the poor sap who has retrieved many of the dumped  former Easter bunnies and their progeny from parks and wildlife areas, kill shelters, and even from neglect cases with the help of law enforcement, Animal Control and the SPCA. 
Yes, all from your neighborhood. 

Today your children had a wonderful bunny experience meeting some of these animals that have been saved from certain death.  
How do I know that? Because  I'm the one that saved them.  
There are SO many rabbits needing to be rescued in Los Angeles and surrounds that we now have a criteria and order for taking them in. 
For example, my rescue is FULL - beyond full, as are rabbit rescues nationwide. 
In order for me to take an unwanted pet, the alternative has to be DEATH. 

Please keep this in mind this Easter. 
The animals your child experienced today are no more like  pet store or Craigslist purchased animals than seeing eye or therapy dogs are like the untrained yappers next door that make you hate your neighbors. .   

The animals your kids were photographed with today are here because they were rescued and would have been dead if they had not been. 
They were someone’s pet once. At some point I received these animals and nursed them back to health, socialized and fixed them. 
Now your kid wants one just like this. 

The only way you will get this is by rescuing.  
Pet stores, breeders and Craigslist do NOT offer  fixed, rehabbed and socialized bunnies. In fact, it can be argued that they offer just the opposite
 and do their best to break the bunnies by selling them indiscriminately -along with improper feed and caging. They want Mr. Fluffy to die so they can make more of your money. 

I offer an alternative:
If you would like to borrow a bunny or two this Easter and learn how to become part of the solution to this problem, 
I would be happy to provide everything you need- including the fixed rehabbed and social bunnies. And if you find that rabbits aren't right for you- You can give them back!  

A true Easter story of new life and redemption……

You can learn more about these animals by simply visiting  WWW.RABBIT.ORG or by calling me at 714 264 4241 or searching for RABBIT RESCUE in your browser.

Thank you very much

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How awesome is this info from Ravelry?  Oh, and by the way, we are 4 MILLION STRONG now!!

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Here is your list of Arizona d-bags who voted for SB1062.

Every one of these bigots need to be out of a job as of yesterday, but only an upcoming election can kick them to the curb.

Do not forget.

Stay angry.

And boot these **'s.
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