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Jerod Morris
I love words.
I love words.

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Do you podcast alone or with others?

Having a co-host can be extremely helpful when it comes to creating compelling, dynamic content that is interesting to listen to. Co-hosts can also help relieve some of the workload that comes with producing a podcast. But of course having co-hosts can create its own issues as well.

Join me,+Daniel J. Lewis +David Jackson +Jerod Morris  and others to discuss the ins and outs, ups and downs of having a podcast with co-hosts.

This Round will be live (06/12/15) at 4:00pm PDT, 7:00pm EDT, GMT-7 .

You can watch here on the Event page via the embedded player. This is also the best place to chat with the live audience and the Roundtable. 

Mobile viewers can view this Round via YouTube

If you can't watch the live-stream, no worries, the archive will be immediately available at

The audio-only podcast version as well as the archived video (including all past Rounds) can be seen at

You can subscribe to the RSS mailing list ( to get new Rounds delivered to your inbox automatically.

Thanks and I can't wait to see you on a future Roundtable! 

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What are you doing at noon ET (11:00 CT) today? Join me over on +Ryan Hanley's terrific show. I'm honored to have been invited, and I look forward to discussing all things content marketing.
Automation, Content Marketing and World Domination
The great +Jerod Morris stops by to chat all things content marketing.

+Copyblogger Vice President of Marketing, Jerod Morris, joins Content Warfare Podcast for a conversation on my favorite topic, content marketing.

We're going to start basic and work into some of the more advanced strategies that Jerod and Copyblogger use as they continue to dominate the world of content marketing.

- What is content marketing?
- Why does content marketing?
- How do companies take their content marketing to the next level?
- What role does automation play in content marketing?

...and so much more.

Find out more about Jerod here: or his personal work here:

Can't make the live event but still want the great content? Find your favorite method to subscribe below:

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#contentmarketing   #contentstrategy   #content  

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When +Brian Clark says, "I have the perfect follow-up topic for The Lede," you get him scheduled on The Lede. And he delivers. 

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If only we could all be the kind of friend that Krishna is to +Lindsey Perkins Wade. I highly recommend this piece. 

Read it, and spread the word, in hopes that someone, somewhere knows something about where Krishna is:

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If you do this, and do it consistently, you will set your online business up for long-term, sustained success.
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