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Craig Pardo
The Best Friend You Can Have
The Best Friend You Can Have

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Haiku.. lemme know if you like it.

You do not know of
+Compassion... and it appears
that neither do I

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I hear you, but I don't know you... so here is a bear hug!
All three are bomb-diggity, but of course Share is the best!

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Who says stuff can't travel faster than the speed of light? Einstein?! What does he know anyways... soo joking... But the people at CERN have broken the speed of light with a nutrino possibly.

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Check out my website!

I haven't yet put anything in the blog area, but wanted to get a good idea on what could be improved.

I am currently in the process of improving my resume as well, so if you have any tips you could give me that would be great.

Thanks again, and I hope you like it.

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or don't...

Anyone have an idea how I could create a Google+ stream for my website? My idea is to use a separate Google account, and put that into it's own circle and just post that stream. What I'm trying to do is post networking topologies on my website that I'm actively working on, and show future employers my ability. It seems easiest to do it through this route, because I don't want the public stream posted, only stuff related to networking.

Now that I think about it, if I do it that way my public posts will appear in the stream as well...

Any ideas?

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this is pretty good.. It's all gibberish, but is supposed to be what other-language speakers hear when Americans talk if they don't understand english.

So, GNS3 didn't save any of my work that I did yesterday. I even saved it 2 different ways because the 3745s seem to have issues. It saved some of the topology information, but NONE of the configs. I am kind of disappointed, but I shall fix it! I'll probably have more desire to work on it tomorrow... today..not so much.
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