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An accidental identification of an heirloom
My cousin's husband recently passed away. As I was looking through photos of his family this morning, something caught my attention in this photo. Mike, Michele and Jason Kurvink Mike and Michele were seated at the dining table in the home of my paternal gr...

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There are Poets in my family
I have a small collection of poems written by my mother Ruby Flanders Craine and her brother Mervin Flanders. I recently realized some of my cousins from that family were not aware of this talent in our family. So I'm sharing them here for their benefit. My...

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Yes, I learned that actor James Ripley Osgood Perkins was named after my other cousin
Thanks to my second cousin Kate Keller, I have the answer to my question in my preceding post. I learned that a distant cousin was named James Ripley Osgood Perkins and I wondered how he might have been connected to another of my distant cousins, James Ripl...

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How might my cousins James Ripley Osgood Perkins and James Ripley Osgood be connected?
This week,'s "We're Related" app showed me how actor Anthony Perkins is related to me. Here's the Relationship Chart. I noticed that Anthony's father was named James Ripley Osgood Perkins (pictured below). A search on Wikipedia informed me of h...

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Cousins connect my maternal grandfather's line to my maternal grandmother's line
I'm so blessed to have a second cousin, Kate (Smith) Keller who's an avid genealogist. She asked me recently if I had a Vivian Aileen Smith in my genealogy database who was married to a Flanders. Kate's grandmother Edna May Becker and my grandmother Nannie ...

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Our Family Connections to RootsTech Speakers
In two of the classes I attended at the RootsTech 2017 Conference, the speakers mentioned who their fathers were. You have to know that, armed with that information, I'm going to see if you might have a family connection to me or my husband! Two of the gues...

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Memorable Quotes from RootsTech 2017
Some of my favorite quotes from the RootsTech 2017 Conference: "Ornament our Family Tree with the culture of our family." Steve Rockwood "No one wants to be alone in heaven. No one wants to be alone doing our family history." Elder Bradley Foster "When we'r...

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Family, Friends and Cousins meet up at RootsTech 2017
It was a blessing to "bump into" my friend Shari Mehling Stone, who I met two years ago at RootsTech. The niece of her great grandfather married my great grandfather, so we call ourselves cousins. (And yes, I was as tired as I look. Those 5:30am mornings ca...

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The signage at RootsTech were works of art
Everyone in downtown Salt Lake City knew what was going on at the Salt Palace Feb 8-11, 2017. The signage this year was remarkable! Every classroom had a large sign that told what classes were being held by the hour and were changed each day! And every corr...

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Taking time to thank a friend who works behind the scenes at RootsTech 2017
Left to right: Larry Jamison, Janet, Becky Jamison This is not a picture you'll see on ANYONE else's news from RootsTech 2017. In this picture with me and my husband Larry is "Janet" a member of the  Housekeeping crew at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. E...
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