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Mihir Garikiparithi


Does support any form of tagging or adding contexts to tasks?

Or does it have a search function to pull up tasks with a specific keyword in them?

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Just Curious:

Has anyone been able to develop an Any.Do Geeklet for OSx?

Really interested in this, but can't figure out how to implement it since the Any.Do API/read function only seems to work for Android

When are we getting location based tasks? Please provide an eta

The iOS app has it already. Please please please port the feature...

THis data usage issue is unacceptable. As a community, we need a fix NOW. not next week, or next month. NOW.

The du statistics notification is a bit annoying. Any way to disable it?

I feel like the heads up function needn't be limited to events with guests. I mean, even if the event is something just for me, I can still use things like directions, reminders, notes, recordings, etc. Please please please fix this small problem. You could make the invite only thing an optional condition for heads up though.

i guys. Whats the latest M7 build available? can be UL or ATT

Is the website down right now?
I get a blank white page.
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