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Software solutions for you and your business
Software solutions for you and your business


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Some Apple device users have recently been hacked!

If Apple can be hacked at such a high standard and status, what does this mean for your website or software?..

Contact us about security now:

Read more here:,suspected-apple-hackers-arrested-in-russia.aspx

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It’s only a matter of time before wearable computing devices make their way into Australian workplaces... Is your website ready for these new ways of technology?

Contact us here to upgrade your website:

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Apple's "iPhone 6" details have been leaked, by the same person that correctly leaked the details of the 5c - pre-release.

New phones and types of technologies are arising so frequently in today's world.

Is your website still catering for all these new devices?...

Contact us now about catering for these devices:

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A 'supercomputer' is a particularly powerful mainframe computer.

An incident has recently occurred where a 'supercomputer' was hacked but an unauthorised person.

If this type of technology can be hacked, whats to say your software or website can't be?...

Contact us about security for your business:

Read more here:,nz-meteorology-supercomputer-hacked.aspx

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The Google Glass has been continuously worked on for years now, and just recently, there have been reports from professionals of the business claiming it won't be a success.

Such an idea could fall into pieces, so what ideas do you have in mind?...

Do you want to discuss this with us?...

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SOME Apple users had a nightmare evening as hackers held their iPhones, iPads and other devices ransom.

Top developers such as Apple are clearly more vulnerable than they thought...

So what about your software/website?
How secure are you in these terms?..

Contact us about website/software security today:

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HTC has clearly been putting in considerable effort into its products' industrial design.

As new technologies are coming out daily, your website is becoming out of date, in comparison.

Has your business ever considered a mobile site?...

Contact us now to build a mobile version of your website:

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The Android smartphone wars are heating up here in Q2 with Samsung, HTC and soon LG.

What are you doing to compete within your market?..

Contact us to put your ideas to action:

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Australia's biggest telecommunications provider Telstra gets attacked by hackers chasing its customer data every single day.

There are companies as big as Telstra, Optus and even Apple that have attacks on their data daily...
What if your website or software was next?..

Contact us about securing your website and/or software:

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Microsoft has recently released an emergency update for Windows XP.

Even after the cut of support from software and systems, they're still releasing updates and patches.

Do you have problems with old types of software or websites?...

Let us update them for you, contact us now:

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