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Some thoughts about improving the filter picker in photo apps:

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#DevTools Tip: Command + Click on CSS to find it in the source

You can command+click on any part within a CSS rule to find its original source, but the nice thing is: DevTools will now maintain the correct cursor position if you end up pretty printing the script from its minified state.
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body { scroll-behavior: smooth } coming to Chrome.
Also... window.scrollTo(0, 600, 'smooth')

This is part of the CSSOM View smooth scroll API!topic/blink-dev/YLWs9N46XjQ

This means things like #fragment links can be scrolled to smoothly by default now, no JS required. Also no more updating scrollTop in JS, Chrome can do it for you, making the whole experience WAY faster for your users. via +Eric Bidelman 

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Videos on the web don't have to be rectangles anymore. Now the hard part is getting that green keyed out nicely.

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For demos and experiments that use new features that are still behind a Chrome flag, it would be great if the flags page would use IDs, so you could just link to the right position like: chrome://flags/#CSS-Shaders instead of telling people to "enable CSS shaders in flags".

Or maybe even have an API (or automatically) to popup some kind of toolbar at the top so you can enable a flag with just a click of a button. Similar like it's done to access the camera, or notifications. Although maybe just for Canary and not in stable?

The below example could read: is using CSS Shaders. Learn more [Deny] [Allow once] [Enable forever] X

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"Modular applications with Montage Components" by Benoit Marchant

There is a growing demand to build increasingly complex mobile applications with HTML5, in part due to its cross-platform nature. However delivering these applications is still very challenging.

The Montage framework was designed from the ground up to build complex HTML5 applications. This talk will explain how Montage’s reusable and encapsulated Components provides a natural and effective way to write modular, robust, applications by allowing team members to work on different part at the same time.

More infos about the conference:

A new and useful Media Query: pointer

A good use case is for making inputs, buttons and other controls a bit bigger when on a touch device.

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The new Pointer Events spec is published:

Looks like they are trying to unify the different input methods like mouse, touch and even pen.
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