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Mellow Gourmet Marshmallows ( which we call Marshmellows) and Dorset Honey Nougat
Mellow Gourmet Marshmallows ( which we call Marshmellows) and Dorset Honey Nougat

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From Little Acorns.....
We have developed a second business, as a 'side-line' of our confectionary business, that is fast becoming a 'oak tree' in its own right!!
When we first started making Marshmallows the specialist gelatine that we needed wasn't stocked in the shops (and still isn't) and we couldn't get it from suppliers in the relatively small quantities that we needed, so we decided to take a risk, buy 25 kg and try to re-package what we didn't need and sell it on e-bay.
We soon realised that we weren't the only ones who wanted to buy 'friendly' quantities of that gelatine....and then that there were other forms of gelatine that people wanted in small to medium quantities. We started to look into the various requests that we'd had, and decided to broaden our range, first to varieties of gelatine, and then we added sorbitol, glycerine, egg-white powder and other products used, not only by confectionary producers, but also by special effects make-up experts, gelato makers, burger makers and body-builders.
Now we have built a small unit to house our growing range of bulk-buys and make the packing easier, and Gavin is fast-becoming an expert in the use of gelatine for various purposes.
We have also started a website: to improve the service that we can offer.
What started as an 'acorn' of an idea, is still growing!!!

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We decided recently to start referring to our product as Marshmallows instead of Marshmellows - this blog-post explains why:

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We've just finished this special order for a gentleman who wants to take a treat in for his hospital nurses.
We know how hard they work, and they certainly deserve something delicious.

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We are delighted with our dual purpose new kitchen.
The part with the white cabinets and brown worktops is our domestic kitchen area, and the stainless steel units form our commercial area, where we make our Marshmallows and Nougat.

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This is what our kitchen looked like with all the old units removed.

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We use gelatine in our Marshmallows, although we are continually experimenting to find a way to make gelatine-free vegetarian, and even vegan Marshmallows. 
So what exactly is Gelatine or Gelatin?

However you choose to spell it Gelatine or Gelatin is a pure natural protein. It is obtained from animal raw materials containing collagen. Gelatine or gelatin is an irreversibly hydrolysed form of collagen. Gelatine is a food ingredient and not a food additive with an E-Number. Gelatine is 84 to 90% protein.

Without protein there would be no human life. Other nutrients, such as fats and carbohydrates, can replace each other in the human metabolism over long periods. But people need protein every day. The natural foodstuff gelatine is therefore of inestimable value to the human organism.

Gelatine does not contain any preservatives or other additives. It is free of fat and cholesterol and causes no common allergies. .

The most common use of gelatine is in food applications, followed by pharmaceutical use, photographic use and technical use. What makes gelatine so unique is the large number of different properties combined in this single product. Those are functions like gelling, thickening, foam building, stabilizing, water binding etc.

What is hydrolysed collagen and is it the same as gelatine?

The raw material for hydrolysed collagen is very much the same as for gelatine. However, the production process and the properties are different.

Hydrolysed collagen is produced by an enzymatic hydrolysis of the collagen. Due to the lower molecular weight caused by shorter peptide chains hydrolysed collagen shows no gelling power but a number of health and beauty related properties instead.

Hydrolysed collagen is type 1 hydrolysed collagen, the same as that found in human bones and skin. It is a natural product containing 97 % protein (on a dry weight basis). It does not have any gelling strength. It is especially soluble, even in cold liquids and has good organoleptic properties. It plays an important role in functional foods and dietary supplements e.g. for bone and joint health or beauty maintenance. As a pure protein it also used in weight management products such as nutritional bars or diet products.

Further information on gelatine can be found at which is the Gelatine manufactures of Europe website, or if you are in North America then you can go to The Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America's web site

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Gavin has started to cook up our confectionary in our new kitchen!!!
On Friday he made a batch of Dorset Honey Nougat - the Ginger Chocolate variety.
Today he has been making Gourmet Marshmallows - Blackcurrant Marshmallows, Raspberry Marshmallows, Blackberry Marshmallows, Very Berry Marshmallows and, our very popular Toasted Coconut Marshmallows.
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