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I like this one.
Literate Lunacy
by Chad Wilson

the words fill my head
a voluminous volley of visualization
a veritable variety of vocabulary
voracious verbs vivisecting my vision

as a drunk stumbles
across a floor that is leaning
i grab hold and beg the Earth
to stop spinning upside down

laying awake in my bed
enduring this elysian escapade
engrossed in euphoric exultations
engaging effigy evoking emotion

abounding in ars alliteration


i sit up in bed
1:00 AM
the full moon is shining
'tis literate lunacy!

ceding to composition
i carefully construct this cacophony
and the cerebrations cease
the cosmos consents to a cranial calm

blessed sleep

Copyright © 2015 Chad Wilson
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? My thoughts about hunting aside what is the fun in hunting seasonal waterfowl? #quack
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I feel like the air is too thin to breathe
That if I were to inhale it too deeply,
the sky would shatter into smithereens
I feel like the lead-lined clouds bear down on me,
forcing my head to swallow my sawdust eyes,
as I plead silently... wishing for it all to cease

My mouth has a thirst for life, I fear, never to be quenched
My feet inactive, are aching from wanting to run from myself
Each hair follicle is a tiny drill, burrowing into my brain
My heart grows weary and my mind, it forever spins;
replaying on a loop the cherry-tinted yesterdays
as I taste, unwillingly, the tomorrows laced with fear

A heavy-set oaken door is barred on my dreams
The key, an enigma, a puzzle I have yet to fathom
Perhaps I just need some time away, a break, a holiday
The trouble is, I think I may need some distance from me
I yearn to step, healthy, out of this alien, putrid skin
to be the person I really am, who's not stifled... weak

Enough! I just need sleep... quiet... peace...
To swim under the stars and cleanse my soul
To walk naked in the company of my own thoughts
To watch the leaping flames lift the fog, so I can see
To feel the wind blow fiercely, the dust that is me;
sandblasting my face as the waves chisel back my form

I need to drink in deeply, the warming sunset's elixir
and replace the stolen stars which once shone in my eyes
I need to settle peacefully before the dawn sings;
once again feel the dew beneath my bare, tired feet
I just want to replenish... restore... retreat...
To seek serene silvered silence so I can once again be me;
wild, naive, hopeful... unencumbered... pain free!

© Debbie Razey 2015
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Thank you for sharing my friend! Xxx
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Liam 1 year ago 
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Kind of like she is saving the world from terminators. My daughters iPad creation.
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Box and funny face.
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On my daily walk to civilization through the Charles river trail I check on the city dredging progress. #dredging 
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We all have subtle different quirks that make us the people we are.
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Lily yoga 
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Lily and liam 1 plus years ago
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It is Hard but Not Impossible to Accept Whatever that is Crossing Path in our Life
One of the primary wish from our parents is for us to have a loving, healthy, prosperous and secure life.
They want us to enjoy the best from first-rate classified education, because this also indicate their joy and love when they can give the best upbringing for us.
They try to teach us everything within their power and from the knowledge they possess, we can learn the good and bad from it to let these things penetrate our minds.
That will be the basis of how we can handle any situation with the experiences we’ve gained, thus we able to react wisely because the response that we give back certainly further our personal developments.
From there we also know that every experience gives us a lesson, and its will just make us to become wiser, so no matter there is a good or bad moment, we still be able to see the positivity from it.
The more negative our thought about certain things,  our beliefs will become more difficult, and without having a good thought about things we’re facing, our psychic can be effected which also give a constant confusions in our mind.
The power we have in ourselves is the ability to accept events and gauge with a recognition that it is a life lesson which can grow us to be a stronger person.
Things that we’re encountering can sometimes be very annoying, hard and emotional, but that’s life and there are no limits to what we can all be facing.
We are all exposed to it, there is no mercy for an unpredictable event which happened to us, but that added value and content to our life.
Everyone will have tensions from time to time, from the easiest to most unconventional things, it can be things like getting a driving license or want to win a prize in the lottery or be the champion by sports performance.
There is no choice to prevent something happened in our life, so it’s impossible not to accept it and things can be difficult or even complicated, but the adequate response from ourselves will keep every situation under our control.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
You can Download My APPS –> . Appreciate Your Support
 Read More Poetry, Click Here…….
#poem #poetry #poems #story #stories #quote #peace
#easybranches #janjansen
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I am going there again this morning. Excellent food and service!
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Just moved to the area and Dr. Trull at Family Medicine was the first Doctor I found that I could take public transportation to in my health network. I have since gotten my car back and am considering extending my doctor search. I am really not sure of what to think of the practice or my doctor. She takes a long time getting back to me, "does not work Mondays or Fridays" (wow, nice schedule!). I recently asked her if she was experienced enough to handle some of my pressing medical concerns which she does not seem like advocating for me or assisting me with. Pretty much all she talks about is how Blue Cross Blue Shield wants her to keep all specialists and referrals in "network" regardless if there are more qualified specialists that take my health insurance. I always have to wait in the waiting room (with terrifyingly rude medical receptionists who whip their conversation windows open only after asking me standing in front of them for five minutes.) They take an hour lunch break in the short hours of the day the Office is open leaving a small window of opportunity to seek their services. My Doctor has not returned my message over a pressing, extreme medical problem for over a week. As I titled this review I am not sure what to think... It took so long to get my medical records transferred here it seems a pain to switch doctors, but I may have to. Has anyone been severely neglected by Family Medical Associates of South Attleboro? I am sure there are stories out there.
• • •
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3 reviews
Everything was done to make my emergency room experience a pleasant one. I was immediately attended to and treated like family by medical staff. Clean, parking a little confusing.
Public - 6 years ago
reviewed 6 years ago