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Mozilla's Android based cellphone concept. Just when you thought today's smartphones have got all the possible features.
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The design is mostly based on projectors which needs many times more power than phone screens. Technologies like AMOLED are being invented because squeezing more power in batteries is not possible with current technologies. In such scenarios, could this projector driven design succeed?

PS-It is using white light for projecting keypad instead of red which could consume way less power.
Yes, batteries are a pain even with smartphone-type usage. I just want to dump my laptop, which is already almost possible. Even my current Android can run full linux and attach with bluetooth keyboards/mouse and hdmi monitor (HTC Desire HD). The projection thing just pushes it further, no extra hardware needed.
Same with my Samsung GT-I9100. I can plug it with HDTV and use Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It feels better than a PC.
Yeah, your samsung has better battery than my htc though. Its great to be able to root the phone and install full Linux alongside Android.
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