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I'm having an odd issue where I cannot join a certain community.
I thought, at first. I had been banned, but when I messaged the owner, he said i was not on the ban list, and he didn't know why I wouldn't be able to join.

On mobile it gives me an error message saying i can;t join and to try again later.
On desktop, there is no join button.

The community is public, and not ask to join.

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I'm sharing because I want a ponibot!

PS. I hope sharing on multiple accounts counts...

PPS. No, I didn't create extra accounts specifically to increase my chances... yet. XP
I'm starting it now. XP

Just reshare publicly to have a chance of winning.

There will be 5 winners.

1st place will get whatever pony they like.
2-5th place can get whatever pony they like, except SteamPunk and Aeronaut styles. :P

This ends when I get back from Europe on the 24th of June.

Following is mandatory this time. ^_^
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