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If you added up the populations of the cities of Manitowoc, Two Rivers, Plymouth, Chilton, Kiel, Brillion, Manitowoc Rapids, Valders and Whitelaw you'd get about 68,000 people.

That's how many men and women are still serving in Afghanistan right now in your US Military. 

Remember them, their families and that your freedom isn't free.

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Servant First, Leader Second. GREAT morning read. 

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The real Forest Gump (shot in the buttocks and elsewhere, pulled his buddies out using an air mattress, etc...) earned his Medal of Honor this day 1967. 

I just posted this video and some other info on our charities Facebook page. Check it out and be thankful.

Had an excellent meeting with the local AmVets in Manitowoc Rapids, Wisconsin about their need for a new building. We'll be actively seeking grant money to assist them. If anyone has experience with that please contact me.

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Happy Armed Forces Day. Did you know that only 3/4 of 1% of Americans currently serves in our Armed Forces?

Truly incredible to think so few can do so damn much.

1 in 4 Veterans has a Bachelors Degree.

9% of all non-farm firms are Veteran Owned.

71% voted in the 2008 Presidential elections; compared to the national average of 43%.

Less than 8% of Wisconsin residents are Veterans. Much fewer currently serve in our Armed Forces.

Today I retire from our United States Army after 23 years of service. It will be a quiet ceremony and go unnoticed by 100's of millions. I do so cheerfully however because I know our Armed Forces are in excellent hands; yours. And the men and women that continue to fill their ranks are among the best our Nation has to offer.

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11th Armored Cavalry (US Army) Soldier Re-Enlists After 14 Year Break in Service. Great stuff!

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It's said the only foreign soil the US has occupied as a result of war is those cemeteries where the dead are buried. In Tunisia and other places around the world veterans of our wars remain.

This day in 1943 a Polish Immigrant to the US named Nicholas Minue gave his life in defense of his new country. As a result he is one of the men buried overseas. His resting place is not his native Poland or his adopted home America. He is buried in Tunisia with many other brothers in arms.

The attached link shares one persons journey to visit the cemetery in Tunisia and Minue's grave.

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Air Force Special Tactics; giving all that others may live.

Great stuff!

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Power meeting in support of final edits and layout of the book. Finish line in sight and it looks awesome!

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Happy Easter everyone.
Happy Easter from Partnership for America's Heroes.

May God Bless every Soldiers, Sailor, Coastie, Airmen, Marine and First Responder out there.
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